The IRS Weaponized

The right must bring focus to the IRS abuses. As long as the issue is discussed in vague terms no traction will be gained. “The government is too big”. “The rules are too vague”. “No one can control an agency so vast”. “Obama  cannot be connected to the  IRS problems”. All of these issues are distractions to conceal the true story; the Democrat Party has weaponized the IRS.

By declaring this issue the weaponization of a government agency by the Democrat Party the issue can be labeled accurately and graphically. Attempts to tie the issue to an individual, especially President Obama, are a distraction. Unless a John Dean or a Joe Valachi steps forward there will be no verifiable Obama connection. The Henry II allusions are futilely arcane. The  undeniable truth is that people who are connected to the Democrat Party used the IRS as a weapon to damage potential political opponents. President Obama has the cover of diffusion to speak out against the abuses of the IRS but he would be hard pressed to argue against the focused truth. He is not going to criticize Democrats behaving badly.

Taking up the argument whether or not laws were broken is also a distraction. The message is more important than legalities. Sending a minion to jail is not the goal. The federal government agency with the power to destroy has been turned into a weapon by Democrats. Conservatives must strongly push back against the use of the government to act against political opponents. The failure to do so will allow a disastrous precedent.

The Right cannot stand back and hope the Main Stream media will be appropriately outraged and punish the Obama administration. The current lack of focus will allow the Democrats to play out the clock and maintain control of this weapon. There can be only one message, “The Democrat Party has turned the IRS into a partisan weapon and this cannot stand.”

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