What a Conservative should say

Here would be my statement if I were a congressional conservative leader:

“This nominee is an extremist and a racist. These assertions are substantiated by her public-record comments, judicial decisions and her organizational affiliations. She has made statements which could not be more plainly racist or more offensive to the foundational ideals of America, that is, that one race is by definition more capable of wisdom than another. Additionally, she even belongs to an organization named “The Race”, which proudly and aggressively endorses violations of immigration law and even calls for the conquest and dominion over large portions of the American Southwest by racists.

The President’s spokesperson has made veiled threats against those who would question this woman’s qualification and character to be a Supreme Court justice. Activists are verbally attacking and attempting to silence those who would raise any legitimate inquiry into this wildly unqualified nominee’s rubber-stamped rise to a life-appointment to the nation’s highest court. Our response is clear and unmistakable: We will challenge this nomination on the grounds of qualifications and character, and we will not be silenced. This nomination is important enough in its precise legal implications to American life; in fact it is even more important as an indicator of how this White House and Congressional majority quietly and arrogantly intend to impose their ideological extremism over our nation. This nomination and the political debate over it will be healthy and, if allowed to fully unfold, highly educational for all Americans, and we hope that as many as possible listen to all sides and decide for themselves who really cares about freedom, justice, the rule of law and the traditions of America.”