The Liberal Playbook - Blitz With Class Warfare

Consider for a moment a husband and wife who have become bored with their nine-to-five jobs and decide to make a better life for them selves. They make a bold, high-risk decision to quit their jobs and become entrepreneurs in pursuit of independence and self-reliance. The couple puts every dime they have into building a small business under the excruciating stress of knowing failure could send them into personal financial ruin.

After years of sixteen-hour days, hocking their house to live in a cheap apartment, a steady diet of beans and rice, and unimaginable stress, their business becomes profitable. Through their blood, sweat, and toil – and with no help from government or anybody else – their business starts to grow and provides jobs for fifty employees.

Enter Barack Obama.

Senator Obama is effectively telling these entrepreneurs he is going to brand them with a label of the “rich” – a class to which he and his fellow Liberals have successfully attached a stigma by associating them with greed, power, corruption and evilness. He accuses them of not doing enough to improve the lives of deadbeats who dropped out of high school or of unwed welfare moms with six kids.

Obama is telling that couple “now that you have taken all the risk, and now that you have achieved success through hard work, grit, and toil – the government is entitled to reap the rewards of your success.”

There are many, many of those husband & wife teams and individuals out there just like the one described here. They employ over half of this nation’s workforce. My six-year-old granddaughter is smart enough to know that over-taxing them will impede growth and expansion of those businesses at best, and at worst will lead to layoffs. Moreover, it provides a counter-incentive for new risk-takers to enter the business arena.

It is damn hard to win the battle of class warfare.