Hillary Did her "Job" - And That's All

On style and delivery, I would give Hillary a 9.5 on the scale of 10.

Let’s face it, she had a “job” to do which was to throw her support behind Barack Obama. Moreover, she had to preserve and protect her own political future and could not be seen as a Democrat who helped her party lose this election.

But let’s look a bit deeper into Hillary’s rousing speech.

I didn’t hear her say why Barack Obama would be a good president – only why John McCain would be a “bad” one. I didn’t hear her speak to the personal character qualities of Obama – only to the importance of putting a Democrat in the White House.

I didn’t hear Hillary say Barack Obama has the character or strengths to lead our country or that he has the personal attributes that would make him a strong Commander-in-Chief. In fact, I didn’t see any attempts at all to talk about Barack Obama the person.

Democrat supporters will most likely come away feeling good about that speech. But they have been trained by the best to become seduced and enchanted by super-charged, inspirational oratory short on substance.

Like a good soldier, Hillary Clinton did her job.

She just couldn’t bring herself to praise the man who stole her place in history.