Obama: Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what your country can do for ME

I’m Barack Obama.

This election is not about you, the American people – it is about ME becoming the first black President in American history.

This is not about my inexperience, my funny name, or that I look different that other pictures on dollar bills – it’s ME defeating the powerful Clinton Machine on MY way to making history.

This is about ME getting my own picture on a three-dollar bill – by signing an Executive Order on day one of taking office.

This is not about YOUR problems – this is about MY brilliant oratory skills and MY remarkable inspirational speeches that makes you believe I really care about your problems.

I am the ONE. I deserve this victory.

You, as American voters, OWE ME the Presidency to compensate ME for the despicable treatment of my ancestors and for the hundreds of millions of dollars I’ve spent fighting for what was MINE to begin with.

I’m Barack Obama, and not only do I approve this message – I WROTE it.