Obama Using Anger Management to Buy Votes

It is essential for a presidential candidate to manage and control anger in the heat of an intense and often-bitter political campaign. But for the Messiah and his disciples, it is not Obama’s anger they are managing and controlling, but rather the anger of voters.

Americans are becoming increasingly mad as hell every time they fill up their gas tanks. I’m mad too. We all are. Obama and his Liberal followers are trying to exploit that anger by misdirecting it away from their own failures and inactions.

Their first attempt was to launch the “blame it on the speculators” campaign to stir up the ire of ticked off voters. That one never got traction and appears to be fizzling. So their current strategy is to inflame the passions of anger among voters into an emotionally-supercharged lynch mob by painting the oil companies as “evil scum of the earth” who are “gouging” Americans into bankruptcy. Moreover, he is putting up a “we buy votes for $1,000” sign by promising voters he will force oil companies to send every American family a “dividend check” for one grand out of their “obscene” profits.

Yeah, that’ll show the dirty SOBs for screwing us!

It would be only natural to expect the Obama camp to paint John McCain as “being part of the problem” by virtue of him not opposing the $4 Billion tax credits given to oil companies as an incentive for finding and developing new energy sources. Nor is it a surprise that Obama keeps harping on the $12 Billion profit Exxon-Mobile just reported for their latest quarter to elevate Americans’ anger into a raging frenzy.

I would like to think that American voters are a lot smarter than Obama wants to give them credit for. Then again, when somebody with the slickness and smooth-talking skills of a used car salesman stands before a group of angry townspeople, he can turn otherwise rational-thinking people into a frenzied, blood-thirsty mob ready to kill for revenge.

If there are any Americans reading this who have allowed themselves to become brainwashed by Obama’s anger-mongering tactics, then I’ll make a few factual points to restore a sense of calmness and rationality:

  • As shown on Exxon’s FY 2007 Annual Report (page 50) filed with the SEC, the company reported annual after-tax net profits of $40 Billion on revenues of $404 Billion for a net profit margin of 10% – slightly less than McDonald’s 11% net 2007 profit, and far below Microsoft’s 30% margin.
  • On the same page of Exxon’s annual report, it can be seen that the company paid a total of $102 Billion in income and other forms of taxes for 2007 – representing over 70% of pre-tax earnings.
  • Obama’s gimmick plan of singling out one specific industry to impose a “windfall penalty tax” is very unlikely to pass Constitutional muster.
  • The $600 stimulus checks mailed out earlier this year totaled roughly $168 Billion, so extrapolating that into $1,000 checks for American families would amount to an estimated $200 Billion or more to be paid by oil companies. Even if the combined oil companies in this country had that much to give, it would reduce exploration and would undermine the free-market system of capitalism by taking the rewards away from those shareholders who assumed all the risk.
  • There is more tax on one gallon of gas than there is profit by the oil refiners.*

I don’t think any rational-minded person would see it as a “coincidence” that Obama would come out announcing his energy “plan” a few days after his Liberal colleagues left town on a six-week paid vacation. Nor should it be a surprise that his attempts to instill anger toward oil companies is a political ploy to divert that anger away from those on Capitol Hill who have abandoned the American people in their moment of pain.

It is incumbent on all Conservatives to expose Obama’s plan as a silly, audacious gimmick intended to buy American votes.