Fuzzy Math - Obama Style

Monday (Good Morning America): “Senator Obama, your health care plan will cost well into the hundreds of billions, some estimates even over a trillion. How will you find the funding to pay for this ambitious plan?”

Obama: “That’s simple. I can pay for it by rolling back Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy.”

Tuesday (CNN): “Senator Obama, your energy plan calls for substantial ‘investment’ in new energy sources that could run into the hundred billions of dollars. How will you pay for it?”

Obama: “By taking back George Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy.”

Wednesday (Town Hall Question): “Senator, how are you proposing to pay for the tax rebates, tax credits, and all the other givebacks you are proposing”

Obama: “I promise to take back Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy.”

Today (Gary Cook): “Excuse me, Senator Obama, but how many times can you take $500 Billion out of the same $300 Billion?”

Obama: “As many times as I need to – to get elected.”