Obama Press Conference - and a Wimpy Press Corps

This morning, from Cape Canaveral, Florida, Obama held a press conference and took questions from the press. Without his scrip and teleprompter, it wasn’t pretty as the Illinois Senator stuttered and stammered his way through softball questions that my six-year-old grandaughter would have been able to answer.

In three different speeches Thursday in my home state of Missouri, Obama said “they” ( a clear reference to McCain’s campaign) are making Americans “scared” of one who “looks different that other presidents on dollar bills”, who “has a funny name”, and “did I mention he is black?”

When asked by the press to explain those comments, Obama danced around it with the eloquence and grace of a three-legged bull elephant doing the cha-cha.

What was NOT asked, is if Obama made those statement because he felt McCain was using race and ethnicity in pointing out he is a “risky” candidate. If so, then WHY so? And if not, they why would YOU (Senator Obama) make those statements?

In a follow-up question, Obama made this (direct quote) statment: “Let me be clear, in no way do I think John McCain’s campaign was being racist.”

So I repeat my question: Why did Obama make those comments accusing McCain’s camp of using “scare” tactics by pointing out he is black?

We all know the answer to that: Obama is sagging in the polls and thought (mistakenly) that he could tear a page out of Hillary’s playbook by mustering up sympathy and get people running to his side as they did for Hillary in New Hampshire.

It didn’t work. It backfired.

McCain’s response to Obama’s comments in Missouri was swift, sharp, and damn accurate. He left no doubt that he would not let race become an issue in this presidential campaign.

And it looks like Obama’s camp got the message, loud and clear.