Nothing in Particular - Just Rambling

I’ve only had two pots of coffee this morning, so I’m feelin’ a little ornery and maybe even a bit silly. But what the hell, I heard Chris Matthews say this is “silly season” so I’ll get in the spirit.

After hearing a candidate for the highest office in the land telling me the critical importance of tire pressures, I inflated all four to the recommended pressure. I then ran the calculation through my nuclear-powered, thermo-magnetic-hydro-wind-electric supercomputer. Just before the vacuum tubes all blew out and the fire department arrived, it spitted out a printout saying my bold measure to save the grazing grounds of the Porcupine Caribou in ANWAR would save the planet three teaspoons of gasoline over the next 3426 miles.

I can now sleep at night knowing the Caribou are safe.

It has been said McCain’s ad comparing Obama to Spears and Hilton is an insult. I agree.

If I were Britney or Paris, I’d be insulted too.

When Michelle Obama heard her husband’s plane was experiencing in-flight mechanical problems, she became extremely upset.

But not nearly as upset as Hillary when she heard Senator Obama was ok.

(compliments of Jay Leno)

I’m so thankful that we have such a brilliant economist and oil expert as Speaker of the House on top of the energy crisis. From her, I have learned that releasing a few hundred thousands of barrels of oil from the SPRs will have a dramatic impact on oil and gas prices. But if two million barrels of oil come from our own ground, then it will only reduce gas by a nickel.

If Senator Obama is going to play the race card in his campaign sweep across America, then he will have to find a new deck.

One with 57 cards in it.

Nancy Pelosi says big oil doesn’t want to drill on the 68 million acres of land already leased. If I were an oil company CEO with any reason at all to believe oil was there, then I’d personally suck it out of the ground with a straw for $125 per barrel.

Exxon-Mobile reported quarterly profits of almost $12 billion. General Motors reported a quarterly loss of $15.5 billion for a NET of negative $3.5 billion for two corporate giants. Maybe the Dems will pass legislation requiring Exxon to split half of their profits with GM instead of developing new energy sources.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are telling us it will take ten years before any new domestic drilling will come to the market. What they didn’t tell us is that eight of those ten years will be consumed just getting permits before drilling can start.

I heard the Dems are considering having a new denomination of our greenback dollar printed. It will be a $300 Billion Dollar bill with Harry Reid’s picture on it and will be used to simplify making regular payments to Freddie and Fannie.

As a newcomer to RedStates, I have finally learned how to generate replies to my posts. After writing a post to experiment with the 3.0 editor for my own learning purposes, I captioned the title “DISREGARD THIS POST – I’m only experimenting.”

I got more replies to THAT post than all my others combined.

Gotta run – the third pot is done brewing.