Does Obama Support the Troops?

  • He voted AGAINST funding for our troops to provide them with ammunition, body armor, food, and other essential supplies to keep them alive and defeat their enemy.
  • He has NEVER used the words “victory” or “honor” in laying out his plans for Iraq.
  • He is effectively telling our courageous fighting warriors in Iraq that they aren’t good enough to defeat the enemy.*

  • He voted AGAINST a Senate resolution condemning the despicable ad by MoveOn calling a highly-decorated, patriotic, American 4-star General “General Betrayus.”

  • He snubbed wounded troops in Germany after learning the press and cameras were prohibited.
  • He has consistently pushed for an action that is the most devastating form of DISHONOR for any American military soldier: RETREAT from the battlefield under fire.
  • He has steadfastly REFUSED to acknowledge the huge success of the “surge” and has given more credit to tribal factions in Iraq than he has given to those fought and died to make it a success.
  • He has exploited the tragic deaths of our fallen heroes to gain political power and to win an election.

Barack H. Obama may be running for the high position of Commander-in-Chief – but he is presenting himself as “Panderer-in-Chief.”