Put the Cork Back in the Champagne Bottle

CNN’s Anderson Cooper called it a “stunning development” and his panel guest David Gergen characterized it as a “devastating blow to the McCain campaign.” The Liberal media are billing it as “Maliki Demands Timetable” and the Liberal bloggers are boldly proclaiming “Maliki Endorses Obama’s Plan.”As we might have expected, the Obama camp is out in force popping champagne corks, turning cartwheels, and pounding their chests proclaiming “See? Obama had it right all along” – a theme being perpetuated by a media who seem to have been stricken with the same sudden case of selective amnesia as Senator Obama and his surrogates; which I’ll talk more about later. Moreover, his choreographed script to look “presidential” took a bit of a setback after leaving a private, closed-door meeting with a head of state and immediately started blabbing the details of their discussions to an eagerly-awaiting press corps whose size and numbers seem to suggest they believe Obama already is President.

The American public is at the mercy of a left-leaning media to give us a complete, accurate, and honest assessment of the true facts emerging from Iraq. Many of the Breaking News headlines yesterday and last night seemed to be triggered by Obama’s interpretations of Maliki’s private comments – backed in full by the Illinois Senator’s impeccable integrity and honesty and his solemn pledge to “rise above Washington politics.”


Maliki isn’t talking much (in public, anyway) and his translators seem to have forgotten how to talk. Some news sources are characterizing the Iraqi Prime Minister’s comments along the lines of: He is “looking” to hold discussions about the continued presence of U.S. troops in Iraq. Others have phrased it as Maliki would “like” to have the U.S. out in sixteen months, or that he “hopes” the U.S. will be out sometime in 2010. But conveniently absent from most reporting was Maliki’s continued position that the timing of any U.S. withdrawal would be determined by conditions on the ground.

So the Obama camp takes those less-than-definitive interpretations of Maliki’s remarks, feeds them into their nuclear-powered, high-velocity Spin Machine at a setting of 300 RPM, and presto! Out comes the headline in big, bold letters declaring “*Maliki Demands Timetable!” *


Now, let’s get back to the epidemic of memory loss spreading across the media and through the Obama camp. It seems that nobody wants to talk about Obama and the Liberals’ stance on Iraq of the past 2-3 years. I certainly don’t recall any of them running to the cameras in 2005 “hoping” for a U.S. withdrawal by 2010 , or saying they would “like” to be out in sixteen months beginning in 2006. Even in my own old age and a failing memory, I can recall with vivid clarity that they were demanding an unconditional and immediate “redeployment” (translation: “retreat”) of all American forces. And that was back in the day when “immediate” meant right now! In the past few weeks, Obama’s definition and use of that term has been about as clear as the Mississippi River during flood season.

Nor does anybody want to talk about what has gotten us to this point that has made it possible to even start talking about drawing down our troops. Because to do so, one could not avoid having to give President Bush and Senator McCain big kudos for their unwavering determination to “stay the course” in the face of hurricane-force headwinds coming from the general public, the Liberal media, and the Liberal politicians who became confused between the meanings of statesmanship and partisanship when they chose to politicize this war.

Obama just can’t bring himself to acknowledge that the surge has been a huge victory for Bush, McCain, the American people, the Iraqi people, General Petraeus, and the our courageous, young American warriors who executed the plan to perfection. Nor will he concede that it was success of that strategy which has given Maliki the confidence, the courage, and the political strength to stand up and show himself as a strong leader of a sovereign nation determined to take control of his country. With elections coming up in Iraq, we shouldn’t be surprised that Maliki knows how to play politics too.

The outbreak of Liberal amnesia has wiped from many memories the days when Obama emphatically opposed the surge, said it would “never work” and even went so far as to say it would be a “catastrophe” if implemented. I can just imagine Keith Olberman declaring on his Oddball segment that Senator Obama was wrong – and President Bush was right. Well, on second though – no I can’t imagine that.

Throughout this day as I’ve had MSNBC tuned on my TV behind me, Obama’s latest position seems to be that he’ll proceed with his sixteen-month withdrawal plan even if against the recommendations and advice of General Petraeus.

But that is today: Tuesday, July 22, 2008 at 5:32 PM Central Standard Time.