How to Win/Lose an Election

John McCain is a man of exceptional honor, impeccable integrity, and one who holds strong convictions toward his principles and core values. Those are marvelously-wonderful character traits for any human being to have – especially the President of the United States of America.

The sad reality is – that won’t win elections.

Barack Obama is a charismatic, smooth-talking politician whose principles shift with the changing winds of opinion polls and who has perfected the art of “tell ‘em what they wanna hear.” He has a remarkable ability to string hollow “words” together inspiring his audience with grandiose visions of sugar plums and in giving his prey an illusion there is actually something of substance beneath his “feel good” sermons from the political pulpit.

The sad reality is – that’s what wins elections.

If John McCain really wants to win this election, then it’s time for him to take off the gloves, roll up his sleeves, take a few nasty pills and get down into the gutter with Obama and start fighting. He needs to shed his “nice guy” image and come at Obama with the same ferocity and determination he showed when he steered his A-4 Skyhawk over Hanoi into a barrage of enemy triple-A fire and SAMs with an unstoppable determination to hit his target.

Senator McCain needs to start peeling back the layers of his opponent and expose the core of just another typical Washington politician who will say anything or do anything to get elected. He needs to take apart Obama’s “economic plan” and expose it as nothing but a “Christmas wish list” whose trillions of dollars to fund cannot possibly all come from “rolling back Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy.”

McCain should be taking advantage of the public outcries for domestic drilling, and relentlessly hammer Obama over and over for his opposition to an issue that is certain be on top of voters’ minds when they go to the polls this November. Big Mac has enough ammunition to destroy Obama as a future Commander-in-Chief by battering him into oblivion regarding his poor judgment demonstrated during his Iraq war positions (plural) and by constantly reminding voters Obama was just flat-out wrong in saying the surge would never work and would be a “catastrophe.” *And he can cut his opponent off at the knees by ridiculing Obama’s forward-looking “plan” for Iraq: “We never should have gone there in the first place.”*

I strongly urge McCain’s advisors to bring out John McCain the fighter – the same fighting warrior who would spit in his captors’ eye and who was willing to risk everything to hit his military targets so his country could win. This is not about John McCain’s future.

It’s about mine and my grandchildren’s.