Top Ten Reasons to Vote Democrat

  1. You believe it’s the government’s role to legislate social equality by forcing redistribution of the wealth.

  2. You believe global warming is a more serious threat to America and the world than terrorism.

  3. You believe that any problem can be solved by throwing more money at it and by imposing more regulations.

  4. You believe the government is better qualified to spend your hard-earned money more responsibly and more wisely than you.

  5. You support the recently-modified judicial process that could set Osama Bin Laden free on a legal technicality if captured.

  6. You believe that protecting the rights of terrorists is more important than protecting the lives of American citizens.

  7. You believe in a government who rewards corporate failure by upholding the rule of Moral Hazard.

  8. You believe the government should mandate, control, and determine our long-term energy solution rather than innovative private enterprisers, scientists, physicists, and adventurous, free-thinking entrepreneurs.

  9. You don’t believe in the free-market system of capitalism.

  10. You believe it should be the government – not you – who should take and maintain control of your life and that it is the government – not you – who is entitled to the rewards of your success earned by your own hard work, determination, and personal achievement.