The Energy Crisis:

This is a true story. It just hasn’t happened yet.2010: Oil has hit $200 and U.S. consumers are paying over $5.00 at the gas pump. Congress is still arguing over who’s to blame and nothing has been resolved to deal with the crisis. The Democrat President has removed all U.S. troops from Iraq, leaving their oil fields totally unprotected.

2012: $250 oil and $6 gas has thrown the U.S. economy into a deep recession. Congress is still arguing about domestic drilling while unemployment is at 10%, and the cost of food has doubled from 2008 levels because of the skyrocketing energy costs of producing, processing, and transporting food to the grocery stores. Al Qaeda has been systematically blowing up Iraq’s unprotected oil wells, and Iran is trying to muscle its way into the country.

2014: With gas aproaching $10 and oil nearing $400, the world is in crisis as countries see their economies in a state of deep depression. U.S. unemployment is at 50% and rising, inflation at 30%, the Dollar is virtually worthless, and the DOW stands at 3000. The financial system in our country has collapsed under the crushing weight of foreclosures and defaults of the nine trillion dollars of outstanding mortgage loans. Wars are rampant in the Mideast and other oil-producing areas as countries fight to gain control of oil after Al Qaeda’s stepped up assaults on supply lines have reduced world oil production and distribution by 30%.

2015: Chaos and anarchy reign from sea to shining sea in our country as otherwise decent, law-biding citizens begin to steal or even kill for a loaf of bread to feed their starving family. The wars around the globe have escalated as the world’s superpowers enter the fight to get control of the dwindling oil supplies and to keep their respective countries from facing extinction under the horrific death by starvation.

2016: As Democrats blame the Republicans for not drilling at home sooner, the global war has reached near-catastrophic levels as desperate leaders of desperate nations take desperate measures to protect the very survival of their citizens and their country.

In the dense fog of war and the intense heat of battle, “somebody” pushes the “little red button.”

The End.