When Liberals Attack!

The Liberal Progressive mind is such a confused, angry, emotional, irrational and depressing thing to witness. It is devoid of any capability to reason using logic and common sense, let alone truth or facts. I have grown weary of engaging in debate with such people because, despite my attempts to point out what should be grade-school level facts, they never cease to bewilder me at the ineptitude of their responses. The sheer magnitude of their emotionalism to provable logic and facts is absolutely mind-blowing. Inevitably, they resort to bitter, hateful remarks intended to “freeze” the target.

I had the opportunity the other night to catch another glimpse into that very dark place, and I got more than my fair share of the evil that lurks there. One of my old high-school acquaintances posted a link on Facebook that was slamming the Republicans for opposing and delaying the vote on the unemployment benefits extension. She even had the audacity to post a follow-up comment telling everyone to back-off if they didn’t agree with the post. Well, that was just like throwing red meat to a hungry lion! I pounced.

In a very polite, calm and straight-to-the-point way, I advised her that the Republicans were not opposed (although they should’ve been) to the extension, they just wanted it to be paid for from existing stimulus funds, and not to be added to the national debt. Of course, the response was the typical “you don’t care about people”, “you have no idea what we are going through”, bla bla bla… The pity-party continued with “My unemployment check is $800 a month and COBRA is $900. You do the math!” Wow, so she was not only pissed that she was not getting a check, a check that  long ago ceased to be from funds she, or her former employer actually paid into, but that she could not afford her health care. She actually believed that it was her right to continue getting paid to sit at home, and the rest of us Americans who were lucky enough to be working, needed to shut the hell up and keep sending her a portion of our money! She even went Biblical on me saying that it was my Christian responsibilty to “help out my fellow man”.

Things deteriorated quite quickly from that point as the vicious attacks coming in my direction from her, and her sycophant Liberal friends. I could barely keep-up reading, let alone respond. I tried explaining that the Federal Government should not even be in the business of “unemployment insurance” since it was, is, and forever will be another example of unconstitutional Federal legislation foisted upon the States. Well, all hell broke loose at that point, and her “husband” chimed in with a “cut and paste” of the Social Security Act of 1935. He, of course, was oblivious to the reason that Social Security even exists today. Maybe he missed that part of American History in school, but there was this little letter from FDR to Congress about wanting to pack the court with Liberal judges to get his New Deal passed.

From the Federal Governments own Social Security website

The practical effect of this proposal was that the President would get to appoint six new Justices to the Supreme Court (and 44 judges to lower federal courts) thus instantly tipping the political balance on the Court dramatically in his favor.

SCOTUS got the message. Get onboard, or forever witness the destruction of the courts…

In March 1937, in a pivotal case, Justice Roberts unexpectedly changed his allegiance from the conservatives to the liberals, shifting the balance on the Court from 5-4 against to 5-4 in favor of most New Deal legislation.

Never let facts stand in the way I guess…

The culmination of their attacks came with the prolific use of the word “teabagger”. Perhaps one of the most offensive terms in use today by the Radical Left. I find it abhorrent and disgusting, but it is just another attempt to “personalize, freeze and marginalize the target”… I guess when you can’t have a civil debate, you have to resort to vitriol and vicious phrases.

When we win in November, the Left is going to freak. If I think that I saw hatred the other night, we ain’t seen nothing yet! It is going to take years of education of our youth, and re-education of a large percentage of the American populace. This will be no easy task, but if it does not happen, we will never get our Country Back! I can only pray for God to Bless us, and yes, the people I had the debate with the other night. Life is way to short to wast our time debating with the mad-hatters on the Left because you cannot argue emotion with logic!

Gary Bentley