Two of the greatest gifts to the Republican Party!

Barack Obama and Sarah Palin!

Before you go into orbit and think that I’ve lost my mind, please bare with me and allow me to explain…

Our Great Nation had been at-war for almost eight years, fighting enemies on two fronts, in far away lands. The Liberals in Washington had spent that entire time Bush-Bashing, demeaning our Military, and the MSM had been on an unrelenting mission to destroy the Republican Party. We took a serious beating in the 2006 elections, and then again in 2008. Things only went from bad to worse for Conservatives.

Along came a young, up-start politician, who was very eloquent in his speech and demeanor. He was able to convince the masses that he had come to rescue the country from the failed policies of George Bush, and free us from the endless battles overseas. The press did not do their jobs, and they practically fell over each other trying to promote the Messiah! This was their opportunity to stick-it to the American people and assuage their White Guilt – the truth about this man be dammed. It was easy, almost comical, because his opponent was John McCain – an aisle-crossing, establishment entrenched, beltway-insider, who was a “Maverick” in the Republican Party.

The mindless drones on the Left, the impressionable moderates in the middle, and some on the Right, who were worn-out with politics, bought the sales-pitch – hook, line and sinker, and voted for Obama. Reality set-in shortly after The One was sworn in, and people began to realize the bait-n-switch that had just happened. Unfortunately, it was far too late…

Now, to get to my point…

Obama, with the help of Pelosi, Reid and the Democrat majorities in both houses of Congress are a HUGE gift to our side. Obama has gone so hard and fast to the Left, it has made heads spin. Bailouts of Wall Street, takeover of the auto industry, the collapse of the housing market, record unemployment, Health Care takeover, American Apology Tour 2009… The list goes on and on and on…

His relentless desire to change America into his Socialist Utopia, to take every problem he faces and fit it neatly into a part of his agenda, his willingness to throw loyal henchmen under the bus for political expedience, and his super-ego that truly thinks “We The People” are too stupid to understand, have not gone unnoticed. Mr. President, I thank you! I thank you with all my heart because you have single-handedly awoken a sleeping giant and boy are we pissed!

The rise of the Tea Parties, the Town Halls, the Marches on Washington by MILLIONS of patriotic, energized Americans, and the continued bashing by the MSM has only fired us up more. November is coming, and so are “We The People” to take back our Country!

The second gift to Republicans has been Sarah Palin. Since the day of her selection by John McCain, she has become a political firebrand for the Left. They were successful in defeating McCain-Palin, but they have not been able to stop her as a Conservative activist. Whomever Sarah endorses turns to political gold! She has become a lightning-rod for the Lefts’ hatred and is untouchable! We need her stumping for our Conservative candidates and energizing our base. As long as she is not seeking office, she can motivate the electorate and not become a political liability for our side. The MSM is beside themselves with hatred for her, the liberal faux-feminists can’t stand her, and she is Obama’s worst nightmare! She is the gift that keeps on giving!

Has she made some mistakes – Fiorina over DeVore? Sure. Has she endorsed some candidates out of loyalty – McCain over Hayworth? Sure. Does she absolutely believe in her heart of hearts that Conservatives are the only hope to take back our country? I hope so! Maybe the head of the RNC is in her future… I don’t know, but it would be awesome!

As the Dog Days of Summer are about to besiege us, I hope that we remember the gifts we have been given. If we use them wisely, we will bring about the biggest pendulum-swing in political history.  Never look a Gift-Horse in the mouth!