The Beginning of the End has Begun

On Thursday, Harry Reid held his first campaign rally in Las Vegas at the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy. Among the 700 or so supporters, who made an all-star appearance? None other than Der Slickmeister himself, former President Bill Clinton.

According to the LVRJ, the crowd needed a little motivation during the event…

The crowd waved “Harry Reid for Senate signs” on cue for the cameras after organizers urged them to show a little spirit before Clinton took the stage, which was decorated with more Reid signs. “We Are Family,” a song from the late 1970s, played.

Unfortunately for the drones, Harry was a no-show. I guess the Dems don’t mind coming to a rally where their candidate can’t find the time to attend… Nonetheless, Slick Willy took the stage and spouted this little tid-bit…

“Why would you give away the Senate majority leader who has delivered time and time and time again for the people of Nevada?”


“It’s not his fault,” Clinton said of Reid, explaining that the stimulus bill attacked by GOP critics is meant to get the country out of an economic hole. “Harry Reid is doing what he can to get us back on our feet.”

Do I need to start counting the reasons? Fortunately, fate took over and the power went out, leaving Clinton talking under emergency lighting with a dead microphone! God how I love Karma!

I’m guessing that Dingy was a little premature in his latest ad touting the jobs he created at the El Dorado Energy Solar Expansion Project in Eldorado Valley. Solar panels made in the USA China, of course!

The National Republican Senatorial Committee was quick to point out that

“At a time when Nevada’s unemployment is at a record 13.7 percent and the stimulus has not only failed to create the jobs Harry Reid promised, but it helped drive the federal debt over $13 trillion, the arrogance of this ad is remarkable,”


“Republicans agree with Harry Reid on one thing though, and that’s his new campaign slogan — ‘No One Can Do More’ — because no one in Washington has done more to grow the size of the federal government, done more to skyrocket our national debt or done more to increase the tax burden on Nevada families than Harry Reid.”

Harry Reid is a dead man walking… He just doesn’t have the mental capacity to figure it out. You days are numbered Senator Reid. Just remember what the end result was for the last Democrat Senate Majority Leader… DOOM aka Thune!

If you want to help the ousting of Dingy, please support Sharron Angle!