All Hope is not lost, but it will be a long, hard fight...

Every once in a while, you come across a video clip or a story that just makes you say WOW! Those times are few and far between, but they provide the boost that your spirit needs – at just the right moment. This morning, I had one of those WOW moments. It is from a few weeks ago, during a Q & A session at Denver University. The panel was comprised of Dennis Prager, Sarah Palin and Hugh Hewitt.

There are days when I struggle to be able to explain to my 15 year old daughter what I believe, what I know to be true, and why our great country is in such peril from the brutal assult from the Left. I think this may help all of us…



Mr. Prager “gets it”! I “get it”! My goal is to help plant the seeds in my 2 year old daughter before she starts the years of indoctrination. I’m still working on the eldest..I want them both to “get it”!

Sarah rocked the house as well as she spoke about Cap and Tax, Immigration and Obamas foreign policies. Of course, she had to rely upon her trusty teleprompter notes while she spoke for an hour. See Sarah’s full speech here, courtesy of PalinTV.

For the past few months I have been mulling over my options on how I can best get involved in the good fight. We are in desperate times, and I see this Great Nation sinking into Despotism. I have collected a lot of dry firewood and ColdWarriors Precinct Project poured lots of gasoline on my dry timber. Yesterday’s post “We Won. Big. Now Whip It. Take a Walk in the Sunshine with My Departed Son.”  by Ron Robinson was the spark that started the fire!

I hope you all join in the fight with us to take back our country! This is the Hope and Change I can Believe In!