When the front door is locked, try the back, or maybe a window...

Today, our illustrious Senate had a vote on a piece of legislation (S.J. Res. 26) that would stop the EPA in their tracks, and deny them the ability to enforce the Presidents Global-Warming agenda. The vote was 53-47 against the bill! That’s right, 53 Democrats voted in-favor of “if we can’t pass it in Congress, we’ll just let the EPA make the law!”

President Obama chimed in…

“Today the Senate chose to move America forward, towards that clean energy economy – not backward to the same failed policies that have left our nation increasingly dependent on foreign oil.”

I’m not quite sure what part of the Constitution the President does not understand (perhaps the entire document), but this is most certainly NOT the way we do things in this Country! Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky stated that this is a…

“blatant power grab by the administration and the EPA.” With a broad energy bill unlikely to pass this year, “the administration has shifted course and is now trying to get done through the back door what they haven’t been able to get done through the front door,”

I guess if there is an consolation prize, we are getting little gems like this from Barbara Boxer…

“If ever there was a vote to find out whose side you are on, this is it,” said Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee.

And of course, never one to miss an opportunity to open-mouth and insert-foot, Harry Reid said this bill would be

“a great big gift to big oil” that would “increase pollution, increase our dependence on foreign oil and stall our efforts to create jobs”

Believe me, Carly Fiorina  and Sharron Angle were paying attention, considering it is campaign season and all!

The Anger and Frustration we all feel will only continue to build this summer with a Congress that is so far out-of-touch with the People! Remember November!