So Long Dingy Harry!

Last night was a wonderful victory for Sharron Angle who trounced the competition in Nevada’s primary. Things are looking a little brighter today now that we have one candidate to go head-to-head against Harry Reid.

Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle celebrated a spectacular victory Tuesday, one fueled by conservative groups hellbent on defeating Democratic incumbent Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader.

Sharron is making no bones about Harry’s fate…

“We need to say to Harry Reid, you have failed and you are fired,” Angle said, arguing he and the Democrats need to cut back on out- of-control spending and she’s ready to go head-to-head with the incumbent. “We’re ready for the debate: Come on, Harry, let’s talk about the issues.”

Dingy’s response…

“This election presents voters with a clear choice on who will stand up for Nevada’s families,” Reid said, adding, “I am working to create good-paying jobs in our state by investing in Nevada’s clean energy resources. I have been leading the fight to protect consumers by taking on Big Oil and Wall Street. And I am proud of the reform we passed to help make health care more affordable for all Nevadans.”

That’s right Harry, keep touting all the usual Democrat talking points on how you will “fight to protect” us from all the big, bad, evil things that we face.

 As one who voted for Sharron last night, I’m proud to know that we have a true Conservative running against Dingy but she is going to need our help. I don’t think our country can handle another 6 years with this disaster holding court in the Senate.

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