Voter Apathy - it's what's for dinner!

At the tender age of sixteen, I had the great privilege to move to the United States from Canada in 1985. My father was allowed to move his film production company from Vancouver, BC to Los Angeles. I was still young enough to not fully realize that I had been born and raised in a Socialist country, but it didn’t take long before my eyes began to open. I had reached the Promised Land and the taste of Liberty was oh-so-sweet.

I found myself in the middle of Reagan’s second term and was adapting to the new political system here in the States. I fell in-love with US History my junior year of high school and that is when I began to cut my political teeth. I graduated at 18 and had to register for the draft, but since I was not a citizen, I could not vote – go figure. That little fact drove me nuts and I couldn’t wait for the day that I could!

Flash Forward™ to May of 2002 – the day I finally became a United States Citizen. That day only plays second-fiddle to my wedding, and the births of my two wonderful daughters. The only downside was that I would have to wait two more years before I could cast my first vote for President of the United States. I had waited 17 years to become a Citizen and 19 years for the right to vote! During those endless years, I became a hard-core Constitutional Conservative, and learned to despise the Press, the Left, and the Mindless drones that live in every State…

Today is our Primary here in Nevada (and many other States) and I have done my Civic Duty and cast my ballot for the open races. May the Good Lord and Lady Luck be with Sharron Angle and Brian Sandoval. What makes me crazy is the voter apathy that permeates our society. There is so much anger at Washington right now, and the vast majority of the Country is really peeved at the current Administration. Why is it then that so few of us actually put down the remote and drag our butts to the polling place?

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal…(emphasis mine)

 As primary voting approached a 25 percent turnout Tuesday, those who came to the polls included a Republican candidate seeking to unseat Senate Majority Harry Reid and others in at least one Las Vegas neighborhood who said they wanted to change Reid’s four-term dynasty.

25 percent – are you freaking kidding me? Our Liberty, our Freedom, our Rights and our Free Will are being stripped-away and destroyed by the Tag-Team-Trio of Obama, Pelosi and Reid! This man-child President and his Socialist minions in Congress, not to mention the MSM have shredded our Constitution, and all we can muster is a lousy 25 percent turnout… (Insert curse words here)

I guess that most Americans are content to whine and complain about politics, but when they have the opportunity to make a difference, they are apathetic. I guess that’s what’s for dinner…

That just makes me apoplectic!