A Word About Rahal-Letterman Racing.

I’m a racer, so this one isn’t easy. But we are at war. The left wing has decided to destroy Sarah Palin. So, if that’s how they want to play it, that’s how we will play it!

David Letterman is partners with Indy 500 winner and racing icon Bobby Rahal. They own a stable of race cars. They have been partnered up for years. In fact, Rahal-Letterman is the team that first took Danica Patrick to Indy. Which is why this deal with Letterman is even more disgusting. He KNOWS first hand what happens to strong women who try and enter a “man’s domain”.

I’m a drag racer, and we like having the gals race with us. The more the better. All competition is good!

At any rate, here is the Rahal-Letterman website. It will list ALL of the Rahal-Letterman team sponsors. (marketing partners is the buzz word in racing now) Make sure you contact them:


Here is the website for the Indy Racing League. I wouldn’t target the IRL, but they have a forum you can join and discuss David’s actions.


It should be noted that ALL of the IRL cars are powered by Honda engines. I’m sure Honda would LOVE to hear from you!


As would Honda racing:


Please note that Rahal-Letterman also race in other series using different manufacturer’s cars and engines. Those manufacturers would no doubt be delighted for you to share your thoughts!

Bobby Rahal also owns a group of automobile dealerships.


The left seems to want war. Let’s not disappoint!

“Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.”
____General George S Patton