Sarah Palin Attacked By Leftwing Loons And What You Can Do About It

Well, it looks like Alaskans Linda Biegel (Celtic Diva) And Jeanne Devon (AKMuckraker) who run the hate blogs “Celtic Diva’s Blue Oasis” and “Mudflats”, respectively, have found a new pawn.

Meet Sondra Tompkins from Anchorage, Alaska..

Now, if you do a quick Google search, you’ll see Tompkins continually described as a “reliably Republican voter”. And a “child disability advocate and mother of a special needs child.”

Seems nice enough. But as we all know, “reliable Republican”, when written in a newspaper, means they are a democrat, have voted mostly democrat, and contributed money to the democrat party.

You’ll also find Tompkins shows up at rallies and protests, such as one held last year where she was quoted as saying this, by a website called “Palin Truth Squad”:

Sondra Tompkins, a reliably Republican voter, found herself speaking out at the rally – upset, she said, because of Palin’s handling of the trooper issue and the example it sets for children in the state.

“They’re listening, they’re watching, and they’re asking questions,” Tompkins called out to the crowd. “Do we tell them it’s OK not to tell the truth? Do we tell them it’s OK to bend the truth? Do we tell them it’s OK to distort the truth if you have a gaggle of lawyers to defend you?
“It’s not OK, and I think Alaskans have had enough.”


Of course, we all know that “troopergate” was a put up deal that was helped along by Barack Obama, his then Chief of Staff, and current senior White House advisor, Pete Rouse, along with Alaskan democrats Kim Elton, Hollis French, Beth Kerttula, and Steven Branchflower.  Nothing more than a witch hunt, that saw Kim Elton being  paid off by Obama with a make work job.

Anyhow, why do we care about Sondra Tompkins?

Well, it seems that our good friends Biegel and Devon have recruited Tompkins into their little world of hate and depravity.

Now Linda Beigle has filed a number of “ethics complaints” against Governor Palin. All of them are bogus, and have been dismissed. But The Governor still has to keep an attorney on retainer. This kinda deal is why she has a half a million dollars in legal bills!

Well, now I don’t know if Alaska has a limit on how many frivolous suits one person can file, or if all the heat on Biegle made her nervous, but she decided to rope Tompkins into the ranks of the loons. Today, as reported by the other crazy up there, Jeanne Devon, and gleefully picked up by the Huffington Post, Tompkins filed a complaint against Governor Palin for “ethics violations”.

AKMuckraker: Palin’s Dirty Dozen — New Ethics Complaint Filed:

by AKMuckraker [courtesy of Politics on HuffingtonPost.com]
Spring is springing here on the Last Frontier, and with it pops up a brand new ethics complaint against the governor. For those of you keeping score at home, that makes twelve ethics complaints in all. That number, of course, includes the one Palin filed against herself last fall so the Troopergate investigation could be overseen by the governor-appointed personnel board, instead of leaving it solely to those rogue, mavericky legislators in Juneau.
The complaint will be filed this afternoon asserting that Palin’s involvement with SarahPAC constitutes “outside employment” and “misuse of official position.”
Anchorage resident Sondra Tompkins, child disability advocate and mother of a special needs child, is filing the complaint after observing Governor Palin repeatedly display “a pattern of unethical behavior.” Sondra believes that the tipping point for her was Sarah Palin’s most recent abdication of her role as Governor and apparent conflict-of-interest when she spoke at two outside events in Indiana rather than work with the Alaska Legislature during the most critical time, the end of the session.
The complaint alleges:
a) Governor Palin has entered into a contract outside of her official duties with the donors, employees, partners and any or all other participants involved in SarahPAC.
b) The recent partisan trip to Indiana by the Governor was purely to benefit personal interests, had no benefit for the State of Alaska and was in direct conflict with her official duties.
c) The Governor left the State to participate in these events during the most critical end-of-session Legislative activities, at a time where the legislators themselves are not permitted to leave
Tompkins is also one of the growing number of disgruntled Republican voters who find themselves disillusioned with the current administration.

Now this is the kinda silliness Governor Palin has to put up with on a daily basis from these loons.

The democrat controlled Alaska legislature took off right in the middle of their overpowering 90 day session to go on vacation. This is a bunch that had 440 separate pieces of legislation to consider, and passed 61. Nothing was said.

But nonsense aside, why in the world should the Governor of a state have to put up with this petty stupidity?

I know these loons have an agenda, but having watched Governor Palin’s Indiana speech, I can tell you, she was doing what Governors do,. selling her state! The whole first part of her speech was about how great Alaska is. A walking, talking advertisement for the Chamber of Commerce!

The rest of course, was a very personal speech talking about her new son, Trig, and the blessings of life.

You know what gets me, and continually gets me though?

And this has started to be a “thing” among the Beltway elite.

A.B Stoddard, and some woman I have never heard of, were guests on Bill O’Reilly’s show last week. The latest phony complaint by the RINO wing of the party is Governor Palin hasn’t done anything to help her fellow Republicans.

Yes, she passed on both the House retreat, as well as the big fund raiser.

But look at how the Governor has been attacked for going to a charity dinner, and breakfast, championing personal convictions of hers! Can you imagine what would have happened had she went to raise money for the GOP?

But, really, why should she?

I mean seriously, why should Sarah Palin help the Republican party out at all?

The Republican party has never had the Governor’s back. Not once.

I mean from the deal with Jeff Larson (the one who bought all of those clothes) and the way that was handled, to the incompetents in the campaign who tried to blame Palin for blowing it, the Republican party was more of a problem, than a solution.

And then there is “troopergate”! CNN reported that Barack Obama reached out to the troopers union almost as soon as Palin was announced.


Obama’s Chief of Staff, Pete Rouse, who worked with Kim Elton in Juneau in the 1970’s, was driving the bus on this.

Now this is serious stuff, where was the GOP?

I mean this was their vice presidential candidate!

Obama, and his Alaskan friends were able to craft a very powerful October Surprise, 4 days before the election, when the soon  discredited Branchflower Report came out.

But nothing from the GOP.

Not a word.

And we all know that Governor Palin has had a non-stop assault on her by both the left wing loons and the RINOs in the Republican party since the day the election was over with.

And I do mean non-stop!

So what is my point?

My point is the Republican party needs to learn how to protect it’s own.

The Republican party is whining because the Governor hasn’t brought her star power to help them, but she hasn’t received even the slightest back up from Republicans.

Not one ounce of effort from the party.

We all know that if Sarah Palin was a democrat, and this kind of nonsense was going on, the democrats would declare WWIII on the Republicans!

So you know what, I think it’s time we declare our own little war on the Republican party!

If the Republican party is not going to help defend Governor Palin, or other conservative leaders, then I say we stop funding the Republican party!

That’s right, if they would rather spend time and money shoring up RINOs like Arlen Specter, someone who usually votes with the democrats, than defend one of it’s conservative superstars, and a strict constitutionalist, then to heck with them.

Conservatives need to stand up on two levels.

One, they need to stand up to these loons in Alaska, and make sure this sort of thing stops. Get involved, anyway you can, to counteract these people’s efforts to destroy Sarah Palin. There are any number of ways to do that.

And two, send a strong message to the Republican party that you are tired of them shilling for democrat lite candidates, while allowing good solid conservatives to twist in the wind.

I know that I, for one, will not be sending another penny to any Republican cause until they get their priorities straight!

Conservatives unite, it is time to take the party back!