Tea Party Eloquence About Arrogance

A friend sent me this transcript of a speech given at one of the 100’s of tea parties on April 15th. The location and the speaker are not important, but the words are inspiring, and quite eloquent. This tea party movement has shown that America is still filled with patriots the love our nation, and will go to any length to save it from sure disaster. This speaker is one of them.

Tea Party Day
Wednesday, April 15, 2009

by Moby

The newly elected, and duly inaugurated “leader of the free world”, the 44th President of the United States, has gone to Europe, and told the citizens of France, witnessed by all with the technology to hear it, that the nation he was elected to lead, the Commander in Chief of whose military he pledged to be, whose Constitution he pledged to protect and defend from all aggressors, foreign or domestic, and swore these words with the traditional “So Help Me God” believes our country, these United States of America to be arrogant.

To the citizens of France I ask, do we appear arrogant when we visit the graves, on French soil, of the heroic American soldiers that came ashore and lost their lives as these United States delivered to you from unspeakable oppression on June 6th, 1944.

Are we arrogant then, Mr President?

When our veterans from the liberation of Iraq, and the continuing war against terror come home to friends and families with wounds that will never heal, and we insist our tax dollars go to care for them tenderly, physically and emotionally as the heroes they are, is that arrogant or devoutly patriotic to those that have displayed devoted patriotism?

Our properly elected and duly inaugurated leader, the President of the United States, on the trip he recently returned from, bowed to Saudi King Abdulla. I believe that as Americans, we have earned a right to stand straight and tall, and bow to no one.

Perhaps, it’s that opinion that makes me appear arrogant.

I believe those like me in our Christian-based nation believe there is a throne before which we’ll all ultimately bow, but on that throne will reside the King of all Creation, and not a mortal man.    Does it make me appear arrogant to believe that is true?

I believe that free men and women have the right to retain the fruits of their labor, gathered by the sweat of their brow, and either save those fruits to be distributed where obligated, to enjoy the luxuries they desire, with the remaining profits willed to their heirs, or as our individual conscience dictates, donated to those that have not been so fortunate.

I believe the American Dream is NOT a right but an opportunity every American has been presented , the freedom and independence to pursue by the blood and selfless sacrifice of those dedicated American patriots that came before us.

Does THAT make me appear arrogant?

I believe those that have contributed little or nothing to our American frontier, but have depended on welfare from my government to survive, whose parents and grandparents have depended on welfare, and whose children and grandchildren without some mass awakening and redirection will depend on welfare and government assistance for the very bread on their table, do not have a right to an equal share of American bounty.

No moral American would see them starve, because we are a kind and loving, Christian-based nation, but redistribution and the government imposed portion that our President, our congress, and our senate propose to be taken away from hard-working, visionary patriotic Americans, simply isn’t fair, and removes incentive from working Americans striving to better the future for themselves and their family.

Am I arrogant because I believe that?

I believe that charity is a moral obligation that cannot be legislated and that my Christian soul will guide me and my family to give what we personally feel is a charitable and Christian portion of our personal, legally gathered holdings, because I believe we will some day be individually evaluated by the supreme and impartial judge of us all.

Certainly taxes to support the security, defense and infrastructure of these United States needs to be an obligation we all share because we love America, we love our families, and we insist on planning for the future of our children, and their children’s children, and leaving in our wake an America at least as strong and self-sufficient as the America we inherited.

I believe that this has been, still is, and will die to insure it always remains the greatest of all nations on the face of the Earth.

Does that make me appear arrogant?

If it does, then so be it.  An arrogant American, I am and will always be.
God Bless us all.