Boston Tea Partiers make one last push

Nearly 100 people gathered on short notice under the gaze of Sam Adams outside Faneuil Hall to protest President Obama’s proposed health care reforms yesterday. Led by the Greater Boston Tea Party organization the protesters handed out held signs, engaged with strangers, and passed out flyers to tourists following the Freedom Trail.

The Boston protest was part of a coordinated effort in three other localities to protest what’s being called “Obamacare” on the day before a major vote in the House.
Protesters said that they were unhappy with the proposed reforms for a variety of reasons but the general feeling among them was that the bill is going to pass because congress isn’t listening to them.

“Once the bill is passed, it’s passed. We have to stop it now because we’ll never be able to repeal it,” said John of Hopedale, MA.

There were no counter demonstrators at the event but some who passed by made comments in support or opposition. One man in a Yankees hat started arguing furiously with a protester in a Red Sox hat creating a scene that would seem normal anywhere in Boston.

Amanda Hess, 23, of Allston, said she attended the protest because she is “worried about the future of country.”

“I think this bill is just another instance of our parents and grandparents placing a huge financial burden on my generation, it’s like they’re saying to us ‘here you pay for this’ and going on vacation,” she said.

Hess made up a sprinkling of young people in a crowd of mostly middle aged protesters. Some white haired seniors with canes and even one in a wheel chair were protesting.

Jared Betts, of Pittsburgh, a supporter of the bill said that he couldn’t stand the protesters when walking by the event. When asked further he said, “I don’t think these people with the signs necessarily know what is in the bill.”

The gathering included appearances by Boston Celtics legend Kevin McHale and WTKK talker Michael Graham.