Why Republicans in the House should not cave.

“The Senate will be more likely to be corrupt than the House of Representatives and should therefore have less to do with money matters.”This statement by Edmund Randolph during the Constitutional Convention expresses one of the major reasons that the men of that convention chose to give the power of the purse to the House of Representatives.  They came to realize that this was one of the best ways to limit the damage that could be imposed upon our country if the Senate were to lose touch with the will of the people.  In fact, the drafters of the Constitution argued that granting this power to the House of Representatives would continue to protect the people even if the Senate, the President and the Supreme Court all turned against them.  By declaring that “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives,” our founders gave us a sure line of defense against the corruption of our leaders.


Obama arbitrarily changed part of Obamacare by decree, something that he does not have the Constitutional Authority to do.  The huge “clean CR” that Democrats want (which let’s be honest, it is nothing more than a blank check) effectively secedes the “Power of the Purse” to Obama.  Constitutionally, the House Republicans need to hold the line.  Otherwise the House of Representatives will simply become irrelevant.

I left a message with Speaker Boehner’s office to hold the line, I suggest everyone else do the same and call their congressional representatives to hold the line.