Boehner and House Republicans will vote for 1 year Delay of Obamacare to be tied to CR

House Republicans will vote to pass a one-year delay of Obamacare in exchange  for funding the government, a plan that drastically increases the chances of a  government shutdown this Tuesday.

The decision was announced by the GOP leadership in a closed meeting Saturday  afternoon, according to sources present. Republicans will also pass a bill to  fund U.S. troops if the government shuts down, according to GOP lawmakers. The  House’s funding measure will keep the government open until mid December.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/09/house-gop-budget-strategy-government-shutdown-97496.html#ixzz2gDQWFVWO

For all people think ill of Boehner, he has shown more of a willingness to stand with us than most of the Republicans in the Senate.  I think the fact they are also going to vote on a seperate CR that takes the funding of the troops off the table in the advent of a shutdown is a brilliant move.  If Harry Reid and the Democrats don’t go along with the House’s delay of Obamacare and Reid sits on the bill to make sure the troops are funded, then Reid and the Democrats get stuck with the blame for a shutdown.  If Obama vetos the bill that funds the troops he gets stuck with the shutdown blame.

It’s a good move on Boehner’s part and I believe this shows that Boehner and more importantly House Republicans aren’t our real problem.  We have an issue of a mix of RINO and spineless Republicans in the Senate whom either need to be tossed out of office or they need to grow a backbone.

I think we should all email and phone in our support of Boehner and House Republicans in the 1 year delay of Obamacare as well as voice continued support and send thank you letters to Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and the others whom stood with those two in their stand against Obamacare.