Why more debates in a Republican Primary is actually a good thing.

Okay folks, I’m going to go against the grain and say the number of debates wasn’t the problem.

Romney would have won the nomination by default in 2012 simply because of all the money.

Romney spent a total of $76.6 million, far more than any other campaign. That total is, for example, more than the combined spending of Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.


When you throw super PACs into the mix Romney still dominated be an insane margin, fact of the matter is we would have been stuck with the same etch-a-sketch candidate and lost the general because nobody would have been able to compete with all his campaign ads.

Fact of the matter is the reason we lost the general election is because people let the left-wing media lead them around by the nose, getting them to go from one candidate to another in order to keep Conservatives divided while backing the candidate Obama wanted to run against.

What we need to look at for a debate format is the following:

  1. Less biased moderators whom are still willing to ask tough but fair questions.  Instead of left-wing partisan hacks, we need people like Brit Hume or Greta.
  2. We need more Lincoln Douglas Debates and debates like what Newt Gingrich had with some of the other candidates.  Debates/discussions where the candidates actually talked about issues instead of taking shots at each other.
  3. Call out candidates for trying to smear fellow Republicans (i.e. pulling a Romney).
  4. No cancelling debates until primary is over and no changing formats at last minute to try to knock a particular candidate out of the race.

A big thing we need to face is the fact that we need to ignore the left-wing media, they wanted Romney to be our nominee because that’s who Obama thought he could beat.  Those debates were the only thing that made their goal substancially more difficult to achieve, those primaries also kept it so Obama couldn’t focus his attacks on a particular candidate while the general campaign money was in limbo.

Finally the thing everyone needs to remember is we can’t allow ourselves to be manipulated (just like the Republican Establishment often is) into letting the Democrats choose our candidate like we let them choose Romney.