My Theory to how we lost

I know how people are blaming this group and that group, I think it was a culmination of factors, I do not believe social conservatives are to blame.

As everyone well knows Obama’s political experience comes from Chicago, they are masters of demonizing people.

1. Most of the Republican voters let themselves get manipulated in the primary, so the Democrats got the candidate they wanted to run against.

Santorum: Let’s face it, most of the candidates could have done a better job, even if abortion was made into an issue.  The Democrats could easily have crossed the line attacking Santorum over his pro-life stance, due to his daughter, if they pushed things too far the Democrats would have alienated a lot of women.  I don’t think he was the best candidate of the bunch, however his vulnerability was his religious beliefs and they would attempt to demonize him.  The problem for the Democrats there was it could easily backfire and I suspect they knew it.

Bachmann: She’s pro-life, however she’s also a foster-mom, not to mention the fact she is a woman.  The Democrats ran the risk of looking like misogynists if she was the nominee, and given her background of being a foster mom, it made attacking her on the basis of pro-life views incredibly dangerous.

Herman Cain: I suspect he would have been a very good candidate if he hadn’t been side swiped like that, I still suspect the “sex scandel” was a smear campaign.  He would have taken the race card off the table, and while he was wealthy, he didn’t start out that way.  So there was the added bonus of class warfare wouldn’t be all that effective.

Newt Gingrich: I think that he would have been able to beat Obama, yes he had baggage, but quite a bit of the baggage could actually be considered traps.  Gingrich would have taken the battle to Obama, the class warfare would be off the table because he made a lot of his money writing books, not from something like Bain Capital.  His “ethics violation” was something that stood a very good chance of hurting the Democrats instead of him (considering it was due to the fact he was teaching a college course, and the violation was due to a lawyer screwing up paperwork), compare that the insider trading scandals where no one got punished, and suddenly Newt looks like a reformer that got smeared by a bunch of corrupt politicians.

Perry, Ron Paul, Huntsman, and Johnson were by far weaker than Romney.

Anyways the biggest issues for Romney:

1. Bain Capital, good or bad take your pick Obama specialized in class warfare; it was a glaring vulnerability that none of our other candidates had.

2. Romney’s wealth, again the class warfare since he inheritted his wealth.

3. Romney came off as someone whom didn’t understand people.

4. Romney wasn’t a risk taker, he really didn’t take all that many risks.

5. Romney was more aggressive in the primaries than he was towards Obama, which relates to 6.

6. Romney’s personal negatives, there were quite a few from the primary after he demonized his opponents instead of building himself up.  Then he turned around and played nice towards Obama.

Then we have the media’s dishonest behavior, a glaring example is their coverup of Benghazi.  Fact of the matter is the media was essentially Obama’s 1000 press secretaries.  We needed someone that could not only take on Obama, but also take on the mainstream media.

We needed someone that would publicly take Obama to task over his dishonest and misleading advertisements, Romney didn’t.  We needed someone whom would challenge Obama over Benghazi, Romney tentatively went at it and was torpedoed by Candy Crowley whom was trying to cover for Obama and Romney didn’t know enough to challenge it.  If our candidate had been Speaker Gingrich, then I think Candy Crowley would have looked like an idiot, cause he would have immediately pivoted by asking, “Then why the hell was his administration ranting about a video if he knew it was a terrorist attack?!?!”

Fact of the matter is that Obama won by distraction, division, “free stuff,” the phony “war on women.”  Romney didn’t challenge Obama on anything, we needed a candidate that would call Obama out on things and not let Obama get pass after pass by the media.


The reason why this election was so close is because of how bad Obama’s record is, Romney was a lousy candidate, something I said back in the primaries, I voted for Romney hoping that I would be wrong but looks like I was right.  Well folks, “I told you so.”

Blaming Conservatives is incredibly stupid, we can have differences of opinions on social issues folks, the trick is that we have to be willing to sit down and be willing to have a mature conversation on the issue.  Throwing Social Conservatives under the bus is exactly what the Democrats want the Republicans to do, they want the GOP to split and a 3rd party form.  The Democrats know that if we form a 3rd party, they will win every election from here on out.

We need to get people educated about what is going on, we need to be willing to talk to other people even if it is outside of our comfort zones.

The one thing I do fear is this may be too late, and our country may not be here when 2016 rolls around.