Skeletal Framework of what I think Obamacare should be replaced with

The bill would have to do the following.

1. Allow competition across state lines.

2. Deal with pre-existing conditions so that is covered (I have an idea for this which I will mention later in this entry), and can’t simply be dropped because you have been diagnosed with an illness.

3. Lawsuit reform (I’ll let others argue how this should be handled)

4. Have no mandate.

5. Let small businesses get together and hire someone to represent them all to get the group an insurance policy for their employees as though they were a larger corporation.

6. Does not give any new guidelines as to what insurers have to or don’t have to cover, any guidelines prior to Obamacare’s enactment would be a good basis, other than that, it is a matter for when someone/or a group in the case of a business buys insurance.


The reason why the individual mandate was in Obamacare had to do with people with pre-existing conditions that just got diagnosed and decided to get insurance at that point.  There is a relatively easy way to deal with this without having an individual mandate:

If someone buys health insurance, if they aren’t simply changing insurers (examples of this exception: let’s say a child is going of their parents’ insurance onto their own insurance plan, or someone changing jobs is going from one insurer to another), the Insurance company does not have to pay for any healthcare expenses from any pre-existing condition that was diagnosed prior to buying the policy.

Simply put, if you didn’t have insurance to begin with and you get let’s say a diagnosis of cancer, you can’t simply get health insurance and expect the company to pay for it, you’re responsible for the costs of treatment for that 5 year window associated with that pre-existing condition.

That makes it so if people want to go without insurance, they’re perfectly able to do so, however they can’t just go get insurance when they get a health issue and then expect the insurer to deal with the costs.

There is no mandate, and it keeps insurers out of the situation where they get hit with people only getting insurance when they get diagnosed with a serious health issue which would bankrupt them.

I think this skeletal framework would be lightyears better than Obamacare, Obamatax, or whatever else you want to call that idiotic waste of paper.