Obama bypasses Congress to fund Palestinian Authority

To give a history lesson, congress had yanked funding.

Congress deliberately froze those funds, and not just because of the statehood demand through UNESCO.  Hamas, a terrorist organization, reconciled with Fatah and has rejoined the PA, which means we’re putting almost $200 million into the hands of a terrorist organization.  The language of the Palestinian Accountability Act could not be clearer: “[N]o funds available to any United States Government department or agency … may be obligated or expended with respect to providing funds to the Palestinian Authority.”  Obama literally waived that statutory language off yesterday afternoon.


So Obama once again throws Israel under the bus, and thumbs his nose at Congress.  In fact, Obama is pretty much defying Congress, I think it is likely that Boehner will probably come up with legislation to block the funding all over again, but I doubt Obama will honor that.

Once again he helps our enemies while backstabbing our allies.  Makes one wonder if the F-22s that have been sent to the region are really there to put pressure on Iran.  Seems to me that it is more likely they were sent to the region to protect Iran’s nuclear program from Israeli airstrikes.

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