Catholic Church has now challenged Obama's mandate of providing contraceptives

Well, things are going to get interesting.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has taken a bold stand for religious freedom. In a recent statement, titled “Our First, Most Cherished Liberty,” the bishops call for repeal of contraception coverage mandated by the Department of Health and Human Services. The clarified position sets up a dramatic confrontation with the Obama administration—and would, if the bishops prevail, help preserve the religious liberty of all Americans.

The HHS mandate requires employers to provide insurance coverage for contraception and sterilization services. It is, according to the bishops, an “unjust law.” They write: “It cannot be obeyed and therefore one does not seek relief from it, but rather its repeal.”

The statement is a rebuke of President Obama and the so-called accommodation his administration proposed in February. It also raises the stakes between the president and the leaders of America’s Catholic Church.

The bishops call on Catholics in America, “in solidarity with our fellow citizens,” not to obey the law. They implicitly compare the HHS regulation to a segregation-era statute, and even cite Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” In a not-so-subtle manner, the bishops tell the Obama administration that they are willing to go to prison rather than comply with the mandate’s provisions.


This is the last thing the Obama Regime wants, a major fight with the Catholic Church.  In all honesty, I think we could see some other religious groups jump into this.

If they can keep the focus on how Obama is violating religious liberty this will seriously hurt Obama in the general election depending on who we select as the nominee.  Not saying that to take a cheap shot at Romney, just pointing out the fact that Romney did the same thing in Massachusetts that Obama is doing now.  That means Romney can’t attack on this issue, other people can maybe do so, but it is risky.

Where Romney can hit Obama, is Obama’s opposition to the “Born Alive” law in Illinois, to paint Obama as a radical.

If nothing else, I would advise people to get in touch with their pastors, ministers, rabbi, etc. to try to get other religious groups to jump into this and back the Catholic Church up.

All and all, this should be interesting to see what happens.