From Hot Air, something that I was afraid of but was hoping those fears would be groundless.

According to what I read on Hotair.com, it looks as though we’re in serious trouble in the general if Romney is the nominee.  I had hoped that I was just imagining this and my fears of Romney’s integrity and chances of winning were groundless.


If this is really legit (hopefully it isn’t), we’re in serious trouble.  This is why I didn’t want Romney to be our nominee.

I’m going to let people read the article themselves, i find the results of Obama leading Romney: 52 to 43, to be extremely scary.  As scary as I find Romney, Obama is even scarier.

I think part of the issue is due to the nature of the support:

Obama supporters are largely supporting Obama because he’s Obama.  Over seventy percent of his supporters are in that bracket.  Goes to show liberals often behave like mindless lemmings.

Romney’s support is mostly from people that just want to vote out Obama.  Over 60% of Romney’s “support” is merely the anyone but Obama vote.

So, either Romney has to convince a lot of people why they should support him, instead of merely being against Obama, we get a new candidate, he picks a very good VP (not sure that will happen, but it could), or we’re going to lose and lose badly.

While there is some hope, because Gallup has the situation flipped with Mitt Romney leading Obama, and the people the poll in the Hot Air article is from CNN (aka Clinton News Network, should probably be called LPN, or OPN), not to mention I generally don’t care for Polls.  However, the writer of the article in Hot Air thinks these numbers are a cause of concern.

Earlier today the same author made the following article:


I much prefer Romney being ahead though not liking the fact it is within the margin of error.  Unfortunately the first link I gave is the most recent article.

I’m hoping my fears of the situation turn out to be unwarranted and that CNN pulled a bunch of numbers out of their behind.  Else, Romney needs to clean up his image fast or we need a new candidate, I don’t particularly want to see the Saul Alinski radical get 4 more years.

There is a possibility, that CNN just released a biased, poll.  It wouldn’t surprise me, because they are pro-Obama shills.  It also wouldn’t surprise me if they are releasing this because they are gloating, so I’m not sure whether or not the poll of Obama clobbering Romney is real or not.  A lot can happen, because there is a long way till November, but I don’t like the numbers starting out.