Why I support Newt Gingrich

A Romney supporter asked me to post why I think Gingrich is the best candidate.  So here it goes.

The reasons I support Gingrich are the following.

  • He gives big ideas, and proposes solutions to fix things, not kick the can down the road.  I want things fixed, not popping up again 5 years later.
  • He knows Washington DC politics, he knows about how everything has been mismanaged, and like the bullet-point above he proposes solutions.
  • He is able to take the MSM to task and make them look like idiots on live TV.
  • I think he is fairly charismatic, which would help against Obama.
  • Unlike the ideologue in the White House, Gingrich comes up with tons of ideas, while this is incredibly annoying when things are going well for the country, it is critical for when we are in crisis.  If idea A doesn’t work, Gingrich won’t keep trying to use A, he’ll switch to B, if that doesn’t work he’ll go to C.
  • His record as Speaker of the House, Contract with America, a Balanced Budget, etc.
  • The fact the establishment hates him, he may once have been an insider, but he’s clearly an outsider now.
  • He’s able to explain Conservatism a lot better than the other candidates.
  • He would be incredibly hard for Obama to attack, because Obama’s own baggage would get in the way.
  • Gingrich has a clear line of attack on Obama’s baggage.
  • I admire Gingrich’s determination and refusing to give up.

While we all know that Gingrich was supposedly disorganized, there is a problem with that argument folks.  When we won in 94, the Republicans hadn’t had control of the House in decades.  The outgoing Democrat leadership did not brief the Republicans, they basically left them with a disorganized mess.  So I think Gingrich did an incredible job, considering they were having to try to do things from scratch.

The “Ethics Violations” were laughable, once people know that it was due to a typo and Gingrich teaching a college course, a lot of folks will look at it as a political hitjob.  Especially after all the shannigans of insider trading, which people remember.

Fact of the matter is given Gingrich has been outside of Washington for over a decade, means that he can being tied to the current congress.  He can claim that he had everything working when he left, how did you manage to screw up the country.

Ordinarily he wouldn’t be electable, however considering we’re facing someone that Jimmy Carter doesn’t want to be compared to, I think Newt is very electable.

I consider Newt to be our Winston Churchill, he is a troubleshooter, and a very good one at that, he is the kind of leader you want in a crisis situation, which is what we’re in.

I know about all the out of context remarks used to bash Gingrich, including the “moon base,” one.  I know about his personal issues, I don’t think they are relevent though with the country being in the shape it is.

That’s why I support Newt Gingrich