We are in the process of nominating literally the worst possible choice to go against Obama

I don’t like making diaries, and I’m not much of a writer, I’m just going to use public knowledge on this and provide an analysis.  People are free to agree or disagree with me, but I think we all need to stop an think here.  Ignore the delegate counts, ignore the polls, just stop and consider the candidates.

Mitt Romney — Former Governor of Massachusetts, is the man responsible for signing Romneycare into law in the state of Massachusetts (which is arguably the blueprint for Obamacare).  He’s also now associated with the children’s toy known as an “etch-a-sketch.”  He is the subject of jokes to the effect of a: “A liberal, a conservative, and a moderate walk into a bar, and the bartender says hello Mitt.”  He uses his experience with Bain Capital as a reason why he should be President.  Bain Capital has been called Vulture Capitalism (and make no mistake it’s for good reason).


That is one example, while I know that the people in the videos are biased, but fact of the matter is that there are probably a lot more stories like the link I posted above.  So while, I’m taking the linked video with a grain of salt, the man in the video sounds as though he’s being honest, and if the man is being truthful, then where there is one story of this nature, there is probably more.  If people think this will not show up ad nausem in the general they’re in denial.


Santorum has his own problems and Gingrich has his, but either one of them offer a much clearer choice when versing Obama than Romney does.


Btw, I could have found more of the videos that I posted above, however I’m out to warn people that Romney is a mistake, and he’d be easy for Obama to beat in the general, but I’m not trying to wreck him if he ends up being the nominee, so it’s a tough balancing act.

In other news, I was in a phone poll in Indiana.  I said I’m a Newt Supporter, if Santorum is the nominee in the general, I will vote for him over Obama.  If it was between Romney and Obama on the other hand, I told them I was undecided.  For governor, house, and senate; I’m voting Republican.

If Romney is the nominee, I hope I am wrong about him, that he’s now a Conservative, but I don’t think that is the case.  I tried to warn people in 08 (within my community) that Obama was bad news, and that people should vote for McCain.  The fact I can tell people I told them so, isn’t really much comfort when you feel like the country is being wrecked.  I don’t want to be in the same situation this time around where Obama gets 4 more years to wreck the country, or worse Romney wins and decides to continue Obama’s policies, appoints liberal justices to the Supreme Court, and costs us our credibility. 

So, folks in my opinion until Romney proves he isn’t just trying to sell us a bill of goods, that we continue to fight every step of the way to keep him  from being the nominee.  Being able to tell people that you told them so, isn’t much consulation when we have someone wrecking the country we all hold dear is the result. 

While I have issues with Santorum, I’m not going to go after him on this because I think Newt Gingrich supporters and Rick Santorum supporters need to have a temporary truce, because either of them are better candidates against Obama, and in my opinion either of them would be better than Romney as President.