My kids will not be participating in Obama Youth on Tuesday.

Here’s the thing.. I don’t really believe that my kids are in danger on “indoctrination” by this event. They are too young (K and second grade) to get caught up or even “inspired” in any kind of political or community service way.

I am also very secure that what I say and do is more influencial as to what is good, right and acceptable. In truth, this TV guy they call president is less of an influence than Ang from Avatar the Last Airbender.

However, I want this Leftist President to fail in his agendas…. and I want that to be known. I, and my family, protest his policies. In this case, by turning our back to him.

To be clear, I will be happy to support Obama on any issue where he reflects the spirit of liberty, patriotism and American Exceptionalism that is the heart and soul of the Republic. I wait with baited breath until I can find even one such policy or program to that effect.

In the meantime, I stand against Obama’s Hope for Change… I block his “Transformation” agendas… and I interdict his desire to “inspire” my children to his Vision of Community Service.