The Horror of Political Correctness

Political correctness.  All I have to say is what is wrong with people.  I guess the way we treat political correctness, offending someone must be the same as killing them.  I don’t only oppose being politically correct, I actively oppose it, meaning that every chance I get, I am as un-politically correct as possible.  I refuse to use African-American or Asian-American or any other rendition of putting some other country in front of the word American to describe someone.  My main reason for this is because I believe it separates us as Americans.  It says that your loyalty is to this other group before your an American.  It’s foolish and aggravating.

I just read an article today about changing the name of the ASIAN carp to the Invasive Carp because saying that they are Asian, because they come from Asia, is offensive because they destroy ecosystems all around the Great Lakes and disrupt the fishing economy there.  How stupid do you have to be?  It’s not derogatory towards the Asians in this country, it’s just the name of a fish that comes from Asia.

Like the Redskins garbage going on.  Political correctness says that it is offensive for this team to be the Redskins.  Not to mention that Indians designed the logo and gave it there blessing to be used.  (note the lack of political correctness)  I just can’t believe that people would give up there freedom to not be offended.  If you live in a truly free society, you will be offended by other peoples’ beliefs.  I don’t agree with many people out there, especially the Jesus bashers and God haters, but I don’t go around saying we need to pass a law to shut these people up.  If I don’t want to listen to them, then I don’t listen to them.  I would tell them politely they are missing the point and move on and hope that they change their mind because of my kindness towards them.

Political correctness is out of control.  I personally am offended by it because it is a way that the government can take over the way we communicate and interact with one another.  Just like the group of women trying to ban the word “bossy”.  I’ve never heard of something more bossy in my whole life than a group of people trying to pass legislation to ban words from the English language.  I refuse, absolutely refuse, to ever give up my mastery of the English language because people say that it is incorrect for me to use words to describe something.