Rambling thoughts

The headlines this morning in USA TODAY about Soldiers and their families needing to go off base for medical care caught my eye and caused me to purchase the paper. If you haven’t already noticed Congress and the President have serious priority problems.    The whole article should be an encouragement to put your mind at ease concerning the future government controled health care plan. Didn’t Michele Obama promise to help military familes and make that a major priority as First Lady?  With a budget for her staff around three times the former First Lady you would expect something other than an organic garden built on sludge.

The President drinking BEER/Alcohol to solve a problem… PLEASE what does that say to your children and grandchildren? ??  What did he teach them about his feelings toward the police officers that put their life on the line every day in this country?
There is so much craziness going out from the news media I keep trying to step back and avoid it for a few days but how do you?  How do you stop caring?