Still seeing government-run red on Black Fridays

Pun intended. The failure of economic activity from New Years Days through Black Fridays in the Age of Obama to produce profits after stores close on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, has led many to re-dub the biggest shopping day of the year, “gray” Friday. But if American businesses not based on Wall Street are still in the red after nearly 11/12ths of the year is past, we think the color most associated with anger is most appropriate to express what we lack on Friday.


An electoral majority of Americans should have been red enough with anger a year ago when, still mired in a jobs depression after five years of Obamanomics brought to you by its namesake, President Barack Obama and his Democratic Party. But apparently enough potential voters that had dropped out of the economy to settle for welfare, Social Security disability or SSI also dropped off the voting rolls and tipped the 2012 electoral balance for those selling government-run subsistence-living and waging wars on coal and cheap energy and food writ large.

Then came Obamacare mandates in 2013  and the natural acts of self defense by U.S. businesses via part-time employment or no employment and we arrive at another Thanksgiving Day less defined by any cornucopia of what We the People produced with God’s help, but rather more by what gifts from God we have left, that for many doesn’t include the already eaten seed-corn.

Maybe former President Jimmy Carter best defined this era of American history, while also putting the most anemic so-called “recovery” (GDP averaging less than 2% for the past two years) in perspective, last month when he declared in an exclusive interview with the Associated Press that:

…the income gap in the United States has increased to the point where members of [today’s] middle class resemble the Americans who lived in poverty when he occupied the White House.

Of course, when a middle class is robbed of much of its wealth by a mostly liberal Democrat-driven “affordable” housing bust, sees taxes on small business raised and Obamacare mandates halt hiring, and has food and energy prices raised ostensibly to save the planet from Chevrolet exhaust; you get a middle class more in the middle of a standard of living crisis than as a meaningful symbol of the exceptional nation we had been.

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