Attack Democrats as immoral producers of poverty


It is clear that the re-elected President Barack Obama will not sign a budget bill that advances the goals of non-defense spending cuts nor economic growth. As incredible as it may seem to many of us, he and most of his Democratic Party colleagues in Congress simply do not share those historically basic goals. The only concession he made to either of those goals in his first term was to agree to retain the Bush-passed income tax rates so as not to be blamed for economic failure as a consequence of raising them.

Spreading the wealth in the short term requires little creation of more wealth.

Having won re-election, despite having failed to revive the economy, his only concern is solidifying and expanding his desired legacy of European-style centralized control of American life. Obamacare makes it possible; and a Double Dip recession not only can’t reverse his re-election nor affect any legacy he desires, but would only present another crisis that mustn’t be wasted to claim more government-dependent Democratic voters that he is confident can be convinced are simply more victims of congressional Republicans that refuse to grant more of his liberal demands or just more victims of George Bush, Herbert Hoover or the British Empire.

Mitt Romney, with all his flaws, should be President-elect today. That the electorate re-hired such an epic fail as Obama says much more about the voters and non-voters than Romney. But there are lessons to be learned by conservatives from the failures of the Romney campaign, as well as Republican orthodoxy as old as the New Deal. That Mitt Romney barely surpassed the total John McCain received four years earlier makes clear that a strategy of polite disagreement doesn’t work, especially in the face of decades of relentless Democrat Party attacks on the character of Republicans and conservatives as racist, bigots that care not for the poor, elderly and disabled.

We can’t instantly cure the economic ignorance resulting from 40+ years of surrender of academia and the media to the Left. If a majority of Americans have decided to settle for whatever station in life the new normal has produced for them, then conservatives have no chance of electoral success. But we can try to make appeals that voters still desirous of a life above the Food Stamp/Obamaphone level of subsistence might respond to, many of whom fit into all three categories of 47%-ers that Romney was caught writing off in a video of a private conversation with campaign supporters.

The 47% video would not have been so bad if Mitt hadn’t doubled down in his explanation of it. Yes, most of our history suggests that large pluralities will vote party, no matter the circumstance. But instead of emphasizing that fact in his response, Romney repeated an all too common false talking point of Republicans that 47% of American workers pay no “federal income tax” and seemed to write off all of the 47% of Americans that receive some assistance from the federal government as satisfied Democrats.

For the umpteenth time fellow conservatives, every one that works pays federal income taxes, except for those whose Earned Income Tax credits equal or exceed their COMBINED federal tax liability for FICA, Medicare and other federal taxes based on their income. And even those who are reimbursed for all of their such federal taxes, WORK and did not write the tax laws.

Republicans, STOP insulting working people.

Republicans should also make clear that they do not favor gutting the federal safety net for the truly the needy. People gotta eat, and the last time I checked, federal lands had not invited more Sooners to claim it and farm it. Don’t be shy about expressing sympathy for those that can’t find jobs at all and those working for low wages insufficient to feed their families. Make clear that we wish to reduce welfare spending by enabling the economy to return to the old normal that empowered a free people to pursue a happiness greater than one for the unemployed directed by bureaucrats. Ask them to compare the happiness they could afford during the Reagan-Clinton-Bush years to the happiness they get from Food Stamps and fleeting moments of envious hatred of the “rich”? How does that envy taste compared to the Starbucks lattes they used to be able to buy while also paying the heating bill?

People are suffering now. Fiscal cliff? Hell, many of us met Wile E. Coyote at the bottom of it long ago. The problem in America is not whether Boehner and Obama will sing Kumbaya before Auld Lang Syne. The problem is that now, as we speak, Ohioans in their 50s are living in their pick-up trucks while working part-time at McDonalds.

My Summer of 2001 epiphany that conservative Republican policies work to keep less people in poverty was the main reason I left the Democrat Party after 18 years of active participation. That natural law hasn’t changed, but folks, its time to go all Howard Beale by first getting mad as hell and constructing a strategy so that we don’t have to take it anymore.

That strategy requires that we fire Representatives and Senators who crave getting along with Johns, McCain and Boehner, much less Harry and Barack, more than actually solving the nations problems. That higher taxes and regulations make wealth creation less likely is no secret. That Democrats pursue higher taxes and regulations despite that fact calls their intentions into question. Say so.

America today begins to resemble a still un-written pre-quel to the Hunger Games with Maryland, Virginia and D.C. as the Capitol City and the rest of us as slaves supporting their affluence. I hear that London prospered from Intolerable Acts perpetrated on Thirteen Colonies. Before the only way back to prosperity are shots heard round the world, is it too much to ask for elected tea partiers in Washington to denounce appeasing leaders that punish them for resisting higher taxes, thus risking their return to private life? Is it too much to ask that they risk mailboxes devoid of Georgetown cocktail party invitations for refusing to marvel at the crease in Obama’s pants? If so, then prepare for Hunger Games, Part II.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Editor – Hillbilly Politics

Co-Founder and Editor – Political Daily

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