Rice disturbance? Feeling many ways tired of Hillary's passes

Ambassador Susan Rice lied five times on Sunday to cover Secretary Clinton’s earlier Benghazi lies and incompetence

An electoral majority of We the People re-elected a Commander-in-Chief that made the murders our Libyan Ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi possible.

Soon after his 2009 Inauguration and rushed passage of a “stimulus bill” he promised would keep unemployment under 8%, President Barack Obama went on a foreign apology tour making clear he was no threat to “misunderstood” America-hating Islamists. Literal bows were followed up with Mullah-meeting love silence while freedom-seeking youths in Tehran were mowed down. Love for Muslim Brotherhoods blossomed during an Arab Spring. Obama then  led from behind in Libya, even refusing to offend the new non-Gadaffy-government with pesky Marines at the U.S. embassy.

Before returning to an Obamacare cram-down, our Chief Executive turned Benghazi over to the author of Hillarycare and the renewal of diplomatic relations with the “moderate” Syrian Assads. Thousands of Syrian deaths later, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received repeated requests for enhanced security from Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens, all of which were met with the same version of real-time deafening silence her boss exhibited in Iran.

Days later, the Leading-from-Behind Triumvirate of Obama-Biden-Clinton greeted the families of the fallen and the body bags with a glazed-over-eyes message promising revenge against the producer of an anti-Prophet of Islam video:

At a memorial service to the fallen she told Charles Woods, father of slain former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, that “we will make sure that the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted.

At this point, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice had not been heard from on the Benghazi consulate attack; as President Obama flew to Las Vegas to raise Life of Julia/re-election campaign funds.

Secretary Clinton? By all accounts, the retirement she obviously began weeks before the Benghazi attacks when she failed to respond to pleas for enhanced security continued. But not to worry. After all, her avoid-scrutiny-free card was punched when New Yorkers made her a carpet-bagging member of the “honorable friend” club also known as the U.S. Senate, after she secured pardons from her husband for Puerto Rican terrorists. It’s not hard to buy Christmas presents for Empire State Democrats when you take listening tours.

It’s impossible for a Senate minority to right a Titanic liberal incompetent majority to whom we have entrusted the nukes, especially when it concerns his Cabinet. If Susan is never the second Black Female Rice (Democrats like this kind of identity politics lingo) to serve as Secretary of State, some other clueless liberal will.  Thanks to Republican senators for giving it a go, but their country is no longer the Leader of the Free World, and clearing the way for John Kerry won’t change that fact.

Mike DeVine

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