Electoral majority for an exceptional America coming apart

How to appeal to an electorate ignorant of how the America of the founding created historic wealth for over 200 years, never consciously saw themselves connected to the risk-taking entrepreneurs, never were so connected, or have given up on a return to striving for their old American dreams after the massive job losses of the past five years?

Given narrow electoral margins in a few swing states, it might have been possible to trick/inspire enough non-voters, third-party voters, or even a small portion of those who voted to re-elect President Barack Obama, but I doubt it. Given the epic failure of Obama to revive the economy and Romney’s mainstream conservative message; that Obama wasn’t fired from his job by a landslide indicates a tipping of a majority of the electorate no longer receptive to common sense accountability, much less free enterprise economics.

A female electorate that can be fooled by the media into elevating pro-life gaffes over their economic well-being indicates a problem with them more than it does Republican Party primary results. An electorate that can conclude an Obama Administration that delivered high energy and food prices to the poor and historically high unemployment for every demographic group they tout, somehow “cares more about people like them” by a margin of 5:1 over Mitt Romney indicates that GOP campaign tactics were not the problem.

The fault for Obama’s re-election  and the survival of the Democrat Senate lies with those that voted for them, and not with Mitt Romney or GOP voters. We should be receptive to many of the arguments of those current shooters in the GOP circular firing squad when we recruit candidates for future elections, but to indulge in blaming any acts and omissions by Republicans that voted against Obama’s epic fail is to miss the forest for the trees.

President Obama garnered over nine million fewer votes this year than in 2008. He deserved many fewer votes, but, incredibly, a Republican nominee vastly superior to John McCain got around three million fewer votes, despite the failed record now saddled around the Democrat’s neck.

Who stayed home? It appears that the most significant group that voted for Obama with their butts were working class whites in swing states, mostly in the Midwestern Rust Belt. Obama did not win Ohio because he “bailed out” a much smaller General Motors. No, it was all the voters that lost their jobs over the past five years and more that seem to have joined the dependency entitlement class that couldn’t muster the will to vote against him that provided the margin of victory. Many of these non-voters are identified in Charles Murray’s book, Coming Apart, released earlier this year, which chronicles the state of White America as beset with lower standards of living and social dysfunction born of the breakdown of the family and religious participation.

These are the people who have increasingly turned to welfare and food stamps over the past five years; or to claims for Social Security disability. One in five Americans are now on Medicaid. The “poor” used to vote at much lower levels before the Obama Administration used government to affirmatively seek out more dependents, even with tax-payer paid for TV advertising. They took Bill Clinton’s “Motor Voter” laws that offered voter registration applications to anyone applying for a driver’s license to exponentially new heights that has now produced a much increased portion of the electorate made up of aggressive seekers of government aid. College professors have done an increasingly effective job of turning skulls full of much into voters in between grass, condom and hooking up sessions.

To persuade such voters in this environment, with the goal being policies to restore a vibrant economy so many are increasingly alienated from, we say what? Should we try to “trick” them into voting for us? How? Surely no conservative wishes to win Republican electoral victories by surrendering to the Welfare State?

After all, other than opposing the executive order weakening work requirements for welfare, I didn’t hear Mitt Romney proposing to take away anyone’s check. I did hear him propose reviving the economy so that fewer people would need welfare. But what if too many simply don’t want to work? Many Democrat voters are generational welfare “families” in which fathers were kicked out long ago to make Uncle Sam daddy, but many are older whites that lost jobs and have given up. They seem to have not been willing to vote for Obama, but also are not willing to take any chances that there would be any reduction in government aid. They don’t want to rebuild a better life through work.

This conservative will never surrender to the welfare state. Our message should remain one that would garner a mandate to rebuild the nation that was the Shining City on a Hill. That message must not be sullied by Democrat-like appeals to class envy or race. I favor non-voting amnesty for illegals that have been law-abiding citizens for many years now. I don’t even insist on waiting for  a fence. But I don’t imagine that Hispanics are mostly natural Republicans just waiting to get their second cousins to move in. No, people of all skin pigmentations and ethnicities are subject to the same forces of natural law and the fact is that many Hispanics and Whites are joining Blacks in an entitlement mentality.

Given the increasing expansion of the Welfare state amid decades of poor economics education, even millions of German immigrants would have rejected the GOP after being raised in this culture.

There is no easy answer as to how Romney could have won. Those pundits that are so sure that “if only” Republicans had nominated so-and-so or had only Romney done x or y, are deluding themselves and placing blame on those that are fighting against big government.

When a bank robber robs a bank, we should blame the robbers and not the cop that got shot trying to stop them.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Editor – Hillbilly Politics

Co-Founder and Editor – Political Daily

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist – Examiner.com