Obama's post-debate executive order path to re-election

Obamacare Lobbyist-in-Chief urges Obama to better feel voters’ pain while other Democrats demand get tough strategy

The world changed for non-Democrats before the 2010 GOP election landslide, but since Pew, Gallup and Rasmussen only yesterday counted the right beans, Democrats and inside the beltway Republicans only just now joined the rest of us:

President Barack Obama is getting conflicting advice on how to rebound from his listless debate performance last week as he meets with donors and supporters in a swing through California.

Those calls took on a new urgency as a Pew Research Center poll conducted after the debate and released Monday showed Republican Mitt Romney surging to a lead over Mr. Obama among likely voters, 49% to 45%.

One Democratic official, while having his picture taken with Mr. Obama at a weekend fundraising event in Los Angeles, used a vulgarity in urging Mr. Obama to be more assertive in the debates. The official said Mr. Obama responded with a smile.

Former President Bill Clinton said such a confrontational approach would be a mistake. Mr. Clinton, who had appeared with Mr. Obama at a donor meeting in Los Angeles on Sunday, raised the issue when talking to a group of donors the next morning. He noted that the next debate has a town-hall format, with questions from voters.

“He said that his advice would be to directly engage the audience members and make it about their lives,” said one Obama donor in attendance. “He emphasized that if either of them really tries to take a question and use it to attack the other, that’s going to come across poorly.”

Of course, there is no inherent conflict between debate assertiveness and making debate responses about voters’ lives. Obama’s problems concern what to be assertive about given so many wrecked lives lived over the past four years. What can he do at this late date if Bill Clinton’s not-under-oath convention speech and Romney’s 47% video can’t garner 270 electoral votes for re-election? Probably nothing, given natural aka Carville’s It’s the Economy Stupid, law, but he does have the power of presidential incumbency, substantially enhanced by his war against the Rule of Law and those pesky notions of separation of powers in the Constitution of the United States, so why not use it?

Bill Clinton said no president, including himself, could not have fixed the mess inherited in 2009 and that “Obama’s plan is better than Romney’s plan.” Before now, the only thing we know about Obama’s plan is that he would raise taxes on the rich and continue to be Obama. And what is Obama, but a benevolent ruler poised to make the dreams of young illegal aliens, and, this is key, anyone else he chooses to bless with his noblesse oblige.

Forget the promise to Putin’s Medvedev and let us in on the flexibility now!

It appears that, other than Democrat donors, bankers, bureaucrats and the Secretary of State’s husband, no other faction of the mob known as the Democratic Party are better off today than they were four years ago, so do as Bill says and not only feel their pain, but relieve it. Who needs Congress. Issue executive orders that:

  • Extends the Dream Act to all illegal aliens
  • Extends unemployment benefits indefinitely
  • Extends affirmative action to encompass those that are 1/32 Cherokee
  • Nationalizes the oil companies
  • Gives every voter a Chevy Volt that votes early for Obama/Biden
  • Extends the abolition of workfare to all workers, whether they receive welfare benefits or not
  • Expands the borders of the District of Columbia to encompass the states of Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina
  • Expands the borders of California to encompass the state of Arizona
  • Expands the borders of Illinois to encompass Ohio
  • Defends forts fired upon

Cheshire cat smiles in Wonderland.

Mike DeVine 

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