Romney on Obama: Liar, indifferent to economic suffering, divisive and hateful

Sounds about right which makes Mitt the GOP’s best nominee since Reagan and toughest on Democrats ever

This former Democrat has lived to drive a stake through the place a heart would normally be on the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness blood-sucking vampire that is my former party since my Summer of 2001 conservative epiphany. I know how rotten is the smell of the un-dead inside precinct and county party meetings after dusk. To be a Democrat is to lie in a never-ending appeal to class and race envy. Hence my aversion to the John McCain’s of the GOP who show that they love the U.S. Senate more than the U.S.A. when they refer to their Democrat colleagues as “honorable” after they launch BushLied Eras while troops are in harm’s way.

So it is with extreme tea partier/Rush is Right-dittohead ecstasy that I have witnessed Mitt Romney take the advice of El Rushbo in:

Finally, a Republican presidential nominee unafraid to call out the Democrats on moral grounds, rather than merely “disagreeing” with a so-called “honorable” opponent. It is not dirty to politics to tell the truth about one’s opponent, even if the truth is harsh, and the hard truth is that the Democrats are not an honorable party and haven’t been for decades. They are more like a mob in organized crime seeking to satisfy disparate parochial interests using taxpayer money for favors than a political party committed to principles that would promote the general welfare.

National Democrats stand for nothing save their own power. When it suited their hold on power to keep blacks in chains, they did so. When it suited their electoral prospects to favor Jim Crow, they did so. When it suited their hold on Congress to kick the black man out of the house and make Uncle Sam daddy, they did so. They favored the Viet Cong, Reds in Russia and now the Muslim Brotherhood.

They oppose affording the armed forces of the United States a few extra days to vote, but sue to allow felons the franchise. Motor Voter and amnesty for illegal yutes? What else but a scheme to sneak them into the voting booth in swing states. They oppose photo IDs for voting lest the dead miss out on casting votes for Jack Asses in Chicago and elsewhere, even if doing so requires that they slander Blacks as too stupid to accept a free such ID from the government.

Thank you Mitt Romney for calling them out. Keep up the good work.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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