For the love of Fidel? Ozzie Guillen, Hollywood Democrats and defining evil down

All lovers of liberty should loathe the evil of brutal repressive dictators, not just ethnic relatives of the oppressed

I never laughed at jokes  with the late Kim Jung Il’s hair as the punch line nor Saturday Night Live skits featuring mumbling caricatures of late Libyan and Iraqi strongmen. They eat bark off trees for sustenance in North Korea and life in Libya was worse than in Orwell’s 1984. Saddam Hussein killed over 300,000 political opponents including tens of thousands in AbuGhraib wood-chippers and via poison WMD gas in Kurdistan, when he wasn’t waging wars that resulted in the deaths of millions, yet Hollywood obsessed over BushLied when a non-Clinton president relied upon CIA and other WMD intel to attack Iraq.

I didn’t watch a gushing Barbara Walter’s famous sit down interview with Muammar Gaddafi and wasn’t amused with Hollywood’s BushHitler screeds and films depicting the assassination of the U.S. president that deposed the Taliban, chased Saddam into a rat hole and Osama bin Laden out of Tora Bora, thus ushering in a post-911 decade, free of more 911s.

Needless to say no amens were heard from DeVine quarters when the manager of the Miami Marlins baseball club expressed love for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. We have loathed the longest reigning Communist suppressor of human freedom since before Robert Redford broke bread with the tyrant and the Congressional Black (Democratic Party) Caucus visited him in Havana while refusing invitations from his jailed dissidents.

Ozzie Guillen has always been a colorful character and a real man’s man that many of us Major League Baseball fans have enjoyed during his playing days and present managerial phase of his career. The pressure from the South Florida Cuban community, his present team and Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig led Guillen to apologize before his five game suspension for the comments was imposed. Ozzie now says he meant to express “admiration” for Castro’s ability to survive for the past 50+ years, given all those that understandably want him dead, and not “love” for the man. We do wish JFK’s CIA had been as successful as Bush in Iraq and Obama in Pakistan.

We appreciate Ozzie’s need to atone and will welcome him back to battles with Braves and Phillies in the National League East after his suspension, but as one that admired President Ronald Reagan for properly calling out the Soviet Empire as evil, it was good to see someone finally pay a price for treating Fidel like polite company. Too bad Bud Selig didn’t suspend himself for sitting next to Castro when the Orioles visited Havana several years ago. I guess the offense taken by the “Cuban community” in Baltimore didn’t register on Bud’s conscience meter.

One doesn’t have to be black to find slavery abhorrent, be a woman to understand that abortion kills babies nor be Polish to admire Lech Walesa and recognize the evil of Communist gulags.

We don’t know how much influence Hollywood’s politics have on voters, but we can sure see the de-sensitivity their feigned loathing of America has on the culture. Bravo to Miami for reminding us that there is good and evil in the world, and that the latter deserves neither love nor admiration.

P.S. The best way to make trains run on time is not Mussolini-like totalitarianism. Railroad watches earned their reputation for accuracy and trains for timeliness in the era of free market competition, even with labor unions!

Mike DeVine

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