With flexible natural born Democrats like Obama, who needs a Manchurian candidate

But oh by the way, he killed Osama bin Laden

Hearing President Barack Obama caught on an open mike ensuring his Russian counterpart, in a conversation meant to be in strictest confidence, that Tsar Putin could count on “flexibility” after the election on many issues, “particularly missile defense”, reminded us of debates past concerning the assimilation of immigrants and enhanced expectations of patriotism for “natural born” citizens.

Those reminders tempered our recent expressions of shock at President Obama’s alienation from America as founded and as an exceptional nation in history; and that while the present occupant of the White House appears to be exponentially more alien than any of his predecessors, he is, after all one of those “BushLied Era” Democrats happy to do for free, what many of our enemies would gladly pay us to do, much like many others of his party dating back to the Church Commission gutting of the CIA and the betrayal of the Hmong and South Vietnamese to slaughter. It was also Democrats that:

  • reduced the U.S. military to a shell of its former self after Watergate, thus tempting Soviet expansionism around the globe;
  • abandoned the Shah to the tender mercies of a “religious man” named the Ayatollah Khomeini; and
  • in the person of Senator Ted Kennedy, secretly wrote Soviet Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev that he and other Democrats supported the Nuclear Freeze movement in Europe in direct opposition to President Ronald Reagan’s policy.

While senators, both the present Commander-in-Chief and Secretary of State voted against funding the troops in the war on terror that they have left in theater essentially as props for their own political purposes. So why be shocked when the Muslim Brotherhood progenitors of al Qaeda are visiting in the White House while missile attacks against Israel are planned and carried out from Egypt’s Sinai.

But after all, Osama bin Laden is dead.

Who needs Camp David Treaties? Who needs to preserve a victory for a Third Way in the Iraq? Who needs a secure Israel?

Obama killed Osama! Didn’t you hear?

More than ten days have passed since the irrefutable revelation that the man Americans entrusted with the sacred duty of protecting our lives from any and all enemies, foreign and domestic, had betrayed that trust with the nation most capable of threatening the most American lives. Its as if a re-elected Barack Obama wants to reverse the outcome of the Cold War by giving away the very bargaining chip that Gorbachev identified after the collapse of the USSR as being the catalyst for same, i.e. strategic missile defense, with a reduction of our nuclear forces reduced to 1951 levels and the US Navy to pre-WWI levels, to boot, in return for…nothing!

Given that Alaska regularly elects Republicans to Congress and Obama’s aversion to fossil fuels unless they are being used transport he and Michelle via air, land and sea, we wouldn’t be surprised if Obama’s flexibility extends to returning Sarah Palin’s home state to Vladimir.

Yet, there is no outcry for impeachment. No demand for his resignation. No charges of treason.

But can a Citizen of the World really have enemies that can be adhered to?

No one wanted to believe, while purging themselves of decades of “white guilt” and seeing Patriot John McCain withhold fire, that they were voting for a radical that could possibly agree with Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s racist hatred of America and Terrorist Bill Ayers general purpose liberal hatred of the USA. Hear no evil, speak no evil, vote for the black guy and feel good about yourself.

But before Obama was black, he was reared a modern liberal Democrat and taught radicalism in his native state of Hawaii, childhood homes in Indonesia and Kansas, the Ivy League and Trinity United Church by family and friends. His brain was washed by natural born Americans, rather than by Manchurian candidate prep schools chosen by Angela Lansbury.*

Yes, the dreams from his father were of Kenyan hatred of Britain and the West, but those who related the dreams were as natural born as 10th generation descendants of the Mayflower.

The danger of natural born liberal Democrats

The constitutional requirement that presidents of the United States be “natural born” was an attempt by the Framers to try and ensure a level of singular loyalty to the new nation that had often escaped the old nations of Europe often ruled by trans-national, inter-marrying despots. But given that America’s greatest assimilation problem appears to be not the huddled masses fleeing foreign lands that yearn to breathe free, but rather liberals in academia, the press and the Democratic Party that worship multi-culturalism; aren’t there lots of foreign born Americans who could be better trusted to defend the nation than Barack Hussein Obama?

President Obama was asked by Bob Woodward in his recent book, what problem keeps him up at night? Obama stated that it was whether our first responders are adequately prepared for a WMD attack on domestic soil, and not actually preventing such an attack. This same mentality has been seen in 911 anniversaries that seem to obsess over Americans as victims rather than any celebration of the armed forces that have prevented more 911s by destroying our enemies.

Meanwhile, when not promising flexibility or bowing to foreign leaders, he goes about bankrupting the coal industry, violating court orders ruling Gulf  oil drilling moratoriums null and void and begging Mexico for electricity during especially cold winters in Texas.

But not to worry. Bin Laden was buried at sea.

Editors Note: Obama’s betrayal is a very serious matter and he must not be re-elected for flexible foreign policies that sell America out, but it is just that seriousness and the lack of outrage by the same American public that reveres Bill Clinton despite “free trade” sellouts of advanced American military technology to North Korea and China; that inspires our comic relief below. We have to laugh to hold back the tears for our country.

* Suggested roles for the new release:

Moose, Squirrel, and The Manchurian Candidate imitate life in the Obama Era:

Michelle Obama – Angela Lansbury (pictured above)

Laurence Harvey – Rahm Emanuel (pictured above)

Bullwinkle the Moose – Frank Sinatra (pictured below)

Rocky the Squirrel – Janet Leigh (pictured below)

All remaining characters pictured below:

Vladimir Putin – Mr. Big

George Soros – Fearless Leader

Dmitry Medvedev – Boris Badenov

Barack Obama – Natasha Fatale

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