ObamaCare: 60 Senate Democrats, Bill Clinton, two Kennedys, five lawyers and Election 2012

The fate of the republic is not in the hands of one Supreme Court justice

From listening to the media commentary during the extraordinary past three days of oral arguments before the United States Supreme Court, one would think that Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy decreed that ObamaCare would be the law of the land unless he gets talked out of it this week.

It is asked, how did we “get to the point” where one man can decide if the relationship between the federal government and its citizens will be fundamentally changed? Let me answer that question:

Too many Americans voted for Democrats.

It was a Democratic Party president, Democratic Party majority in the House of Representatives and a filibuster-proof super-Democratic Party majority in the United States Senate that, in 2009, jammed through bankruptcy threatening mandated policy coverages on private insurance companies and Medicaid mandates on the states as well as the unprecedented mandate that most every adult U.S. citizen buy a private health  insurance policy.

President Ronald Reagan’s second choice (after the 1987 “borking” of Robert Bork by the late Senator Ted Kennedy and his fellow Democrats), Anthony Kennedy played no role in enacting ObamaCare, and no matter how the nation’s highest court rules this week, We the People will still have the power in our hands to restore self government for the preservation of life, liberty and happiness pursuits.

If the court upholds the whole law or parts of it, We the People will still hold the fate of the nation in our hands. We can deny President Barack Obama a second term, maintain the Republican Party majority in the House and elect a Senate populated with a majority of members from the Grand Old Party of Lincoln.

And if the court strikes down the whole law that is oxymoronically entitled “The Affordable Care Act”  (If the Dems are proud of Obama’s signature legislative achievement, why don’t they welcome the “ObamaCare” moniker? I love Reaganomics, after all, but I digress), the voters should also elect Republicans to control the White House and both houses of Congress because there is much more work to be done to right the American ship of state.

Yes, the temporary Democrat majority swept into office in 2008 used all sorts of legislative maneuvers amid polls showing Americans loathed Obama’s vision of government controlled “take the painkiller and go home” health care. They failed the first two times they tried after the President’s Inauguration and we thought the final stake had been driven thru the heart of the blood-sucking law that Dem-o-bats have desired for nearly a hundred years when the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts filled the seat of the late Teddy “The Swimmer” Kennedy with Republican Scott Brown who based his campaign explicitly on voting against ObamaCare.

But Senator Brown never got the chance and before the third and final Senate vote, former President Bill Clinton paid a visit to the so-called “Blue Dog”  Democratic Party senators on Capitol Hill. He told them that despite the problems with the bill, they should support their president. After all, this law has been the dream of liberals for decades, including his Hillary’s, and that they could fix the problems with it later.

After the 42nd President’s pep talk, all 60 Democrats in the Senate voted in lock step for ObamaCare, thus preventing a filibuster and handing the 44th president his great “victory”. But Democrats never got a chance to “fix” ObamaCare as 2010 election tea partiers produced the largest GOP landslide since the 1940s, demanding the most radical of fixes.

The fate of the nation is always in the hands of voters in every election. We the People get to be heard from again this November no matter what Justice Kennedy and four other like-minded lawyers do this summer when they render their decision.

The best way to chart a better fate for the United States is to vote Republicans into office in Washington, D.C.

Mike DeVine

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist –  Examiner.com

Editor – Hillbilly Politics

Co-Founder and Editor – Political Daily

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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