Super Tuesday: The Legend, The Whippersnapper or The Hedgehog

Any of these Republicans would deny Obama re-election

The view from this South Carolina gamecock’s Stone Mountain of Georgia roost sees Newt Gingrich winning from whence he made conservative Republican history, second only to Ronaldus Maxus. DeVine Law dictated this Southern Baptist’s vote for the young Catholic, while my long-time, part-time, lifetime-Democrat girlfriend will be casting an anti-religious bigotry vote for the savior of the Salt Lake City Olympics (who by the way, served as CEO of Bain Capital and has not presided over the worst economy in U.S. history since the 1930s) in her first vote in a Republican primary (Can I hear an amen?) .

Cockstradamus thinks all of the above are far superior to John McCain and that any of the above can and would defeat President Barack Obama. Why? The current occupant of the White House was hired to fix the economy and lower the oceans. The oceans are lower (no one cares) but the economy is not fixed (people care) and obviously won’t be fixed by Election Day given Natural Law. But even if said law were to be suspended, would a majority of We the People re-elect a man based on a few months of prosperity but who chose recession for 3+ years? No.

We know that the In-the-tank-for-Democrats-Media will tell Big Lies about any one the GOP nominates, but we also know that over time, even The Whippersnapper wouldn’t serve as an effective vehicle for making the choice about access to The Pill instead of the reality of the economy, Stupid! Moreover, over time, Santorum would win a battle over contraception as well, since he favors the legal status quo, while Obama favors making others pay for the sexual activity of others.

We wish that the former senator from the Keystone State were as agile as The Legend in responding to the media, but over time, he gets the full message across and lacks the weight of the baggage the former Speaker carries. But Newt carries much less baggage than Barack and would bring the most promise of not only repeal of the Obamanations enacted over the past three years but also major conservative change from the liberal policies of the past 79 years.

The former governor of the Bay State does have better “experience” than President Obama, but the reason he would be an obviously better choice is not because Mitt Romney is more “competent” than Obama. The inexperienced senator from Illinois has been just competent enough to enact nearly all of the liberal big government, liberty-killing agenda that Democratic Presidents from Wilson to Clinton failed to do. The presidency, unlike business executive positions, has power conferred by the U.S. Constitution and is not dependent on private market business skills.

But, the policies Romney favors are far superior to Obama’s and any other Democrat. His election would trigger a massive recovery of the U.S. economy as money on the sidelines fearful of Obama confiscation comes off the sidelines; and if we can get Mitt to make more specific promises, his past history of keeping them gives us great hope for him and us if he is inaugurated next January.

The only factor that could deny any of our candidates the presidency is the composition of the electorate, which factor would not be significantly affected by which particular one of the acceptable three we nominate. If America has reached the tipping point warned of by Benjamin Franklin and Alexis deTouqueville in which the takers now outnumber the producers, there is no nominee we could choose in good conscience that could fool a majority into taking their lips off the government tit.

I am disturbed by all the votes being cast in our primaries and caucuses for The One Whose Name Shall Not Be Uttered. This is a sign of cultural decay and, admittedly youth, in general; and the yutes that are products of an inferior education system and culture. Of course, an even worse sign are all the youth that voted for Barack Obama, but I digress.

We can’t fool the takers into voting for us and we shouldn’t try. Hence, my fearless vote for The Whippersnapper. I would be almost as happy with Newt choosing the next vice-president, less happy with Mitt, but happy is the operative word, when one contemplates the removal of World Citizen One from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Mike DeVine

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist –  Examiner.com

Editor – Hillbilly Politics

Co-Founder and Editor – Political Daily

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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