Breitbart and conservative convert whistleblowing

We lost one of the Brightest stars in the conservative firmament when we lost Breitbart today

Its been at least six months since I read Andrew’s conservative conversion biography, but his untimely death in today’s wee hours at the age of 43 reminded me of how much I identified with him. Yes, he was raised in Hollywood and educated in academic cathedrals of the left. I was raised and educated in the Deep South’s Baptist churches and Methodist colleges.

I had much less of an excuse for my conservative epiphany to have been so late in my life and I thank God that Andrew had the courage to embrace the values and the truth at a much younger age. For to be a conservative is to blow the whistle on so many on the left, many of whom have been friends and family. It takes courage in this culture.

He showed the conservative movement the way by entering the field of news reporter in the most professional sense of the word. How much easier it has been for a gamecock lawyer to right op-eds to atone for his cowardice of so many years.

What struck me so deeply about Breitbart’s journey was how his moral sense of righteous indignation would not let him wink at obviously false liberal lines about class, race and the economy. His journey reminded me of a sermon my brother once preached about how the people of God should often be and express righteous indignation  and confront the winkers and the glazed over eyes of liberal templates.

If We the People are ever to save this country, it will be because enough of us followed Andrew’s example by getting down in the weeds in academia, the press and Hollywood. It is in the culture that the battle must first be won.

God rest his soul and I pray that more and more people will read his Righteous Indignation biography along with the other two classics of the genre that have so effected this gamecock and many others, formerly of the left, i.e. Witness by Whittaker Chambers and Radical Son by David Horowitz.

God bless his soul and prayers for the family he left behind. Andrew personifies my Old Hickory signature line:

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Mike DeVine

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist –  Examiner.com

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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