Non-lawyer Cain and the deflation of Krauthammer's Panel

Herman Cain endures Beltway  economic ignorance and poor legal advice on non-disclosure agreements from The Center Seat on FNC’s Special Report, The Panel segment, on Tuesday

This time, Americans want a man with courage to implement the values and principles that might just save America, rather than a Barbie Doll that gives all the lawyered-up, Beltway-approved “right” answers. Americans are amenable to a normal conversation with non-lawyers rather than a gotcha game.

We know that people with courage and the needed convictions aren’t necessarily those that respond like gold medalists in the perfect-answers-approved-by-peanut-gallery talking heads.

We like, admire and trust Herman Cain. We know that fixing the economy requires courage and Reagan-like principles and polices more than being a non-gaffe geek.

We hate the lawyer, PC, make-a-mistake-and-we’ll-sue-you liberal culture. We loathe it like the plague. We are tired of staying silent with glazed-over eyes as we endure the victimhood of women that heard a bad joke or got flirted with. We are tired of defending lawsuits because of “institutional” racism.

We have been tired for a long time. But now we are tired and poor.

Herman Cain sat in the Center Seat of Special Report’s The Panel on Fox News Channel last Tuesday night. He was cross-examined/ridiculed by Charles Krathammer et al on the regessivity of the sales tax portion of his 9-9-9 (modified 9-0-9 for the poor) Plan.

Was Charles tired on Tuesday’s Special Report Panel?

He looked exhausted, and his third question on behalf of the poor is Exhibit A for same and possibly some elitism? Charles knows that the price of goods contains embedded taxes. Yet, when Cain explained that the cost of goods would inexorably decrease due to the removal of embedded current rates of up to 35% and more income, corporate, and capital gains taxes down to 9-9-9, instead of acknowledging same and arguing over the extent and time of said re-pricing, he ridiculed the notion with: “So there will be deflation under your plan”?

Bad Charles! You know that deflation is a systemic fall in prices based upon the money supply and a lack of confidence in the markets, bearing no relationship to tax cuts. Ever heard of the phrase too little money chasing too many goods? I thought so. So, despite the raised eyebrows, upturned noses and sceptical looks of you, A.B., and Bret, Herman was right and you three looked like deaf, dumb and blind mice on Economics 101 that day.

Tort settlements, severance agreements and confidentiality/non-disclosure clauses

Charles, you have a legal education of sorts. What would have been your advice to a client formerly accused of sexual harassment client that was involved in both a termination of employment or severance agreement with one accuser and a damages settlement with another, if they were asked about same? Given that non-disclosure agreements were signed, wouldn’t you advise that they plead the Fifth Amendment upon advice of counsel? Of course, but you didn’t criticize Cain of that did you? No, because you know that its not possible for a candidate for President of the United States not to agree to a full anal exam.

So, do you have any compassion for non-lawyers thrust into that situation of being asked a vague question that could apply to two different incidents? You should. Most Americans do. We’ve elected the smooth “smart” people that play the Beltway game and get kudos from the like of you for cute answers.

The rest of America wants a chance, just a chance, at bold solutions to this crisis once known as an economy. That chance is a non-politician that’s willing to take the slings and arrows of conventional establishment types, i.e. The Timid, and push for a mandate for 9-9-9.

What you need to do is count to ten (sheep), get some sleep, look up the definition of deflation and get over yourself.

Mike DeVine

Editor – Hillbilly Politics

Co-Founder and Editor – Political Daily

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist –  Examiner.com

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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